Balance Whack

Personally, I think teh N'Yorker could've gotten it by and made the point if only they'd just run it as a 'toon inside the magazine, instead of on the cover.



  1. Satire is great when everyone gets the joke, but there is that portion of the electorate, the dumbass portion that elected W twice (well, once anyway), who are only going to see the full expression of their wildest delusions. Of course those morons weren't going to vote for Obama anyway, so maybe its no big loss.

  2. Dig it, Darwin.

    It really was weird seeing such a tableau on the New Yorker, though. I mean, I got it immediately, and felt mixed emotions about their use. If it was on the inside, with a caption especially, I'd've probably laughed out loud.

    C'est la vie.

  3. I agree completely! Their readers might get it, but readers are people who own the magazine. People seeing the cover on the stands or *everywhere* on 'nets are not their readers.


  4. hey, Michael. Just dropped by to say hi.

  5. Hola Maria! Hope you're havin' a beautiful Summertime. Good to hear from you. :)

  6. Yes, a good portion of our society believes "everything" they read and hear.

    I miss the in your face 60s-70s media. They had problems too, but weren't afraid and bought off by those in power like it appears today.

    Yikes. Thanks for popping by and hope your part of the MW is cooler than here. I'm missing the bay area and the ocean breeze and fog about now.


    ps: I always feel like an invalid when I'm doing the word veri thing ; )

  7. The weather here is S.T.R.A.N.G.E. but actually pretty darn good. We get Heat, then Rain, then Cool and Breezy, then Repeat. Over and over again it seems, all Spring and Summer. And I'm betting our farmers are goin' to seriously reap the benefits from what the Western MW farmers' lost to the flooding. Nasty how Nature doesn't care, ain't it...

    Sorry 'bout the Turing test, CM! I think it's still keepin' bots at bay, but maybe I'll turn it off since I'm on a such a slow pace with posting anymore.

    Always Great to hear from you and it's nice to find you still at it blogging. "See ya" around!

  8. So, how's McCain doing...see he's still in the chair popping the uppers. Perhaps some Aricept would help.


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