(No) Sane Claim

Well, not a hekkuvalot more than average at any rate. Less in some ways. More in others. Messily or with aplomb, it all evens out o'er the long run.



  1. Ok then - letting go of all objects. Except for my camera and brush, that is.

  2. Lao Tzu was one very smart fella. I just love the Tao, which fits the world so very well. Thanks for sharing the wisdom, Michael.

  3. My pleasure, Wren. I guess I keep trying to give it away to find it. Works better than other paths I've walked, eh.

  4. So eventually they're going to get theirs. Can we watch?

  5. Alas, I kinda doubt it, Frogette. 'Twould be nice to see so we could feel as if there's Justice, but I fear we'll just need to find it in our own lives. The Over-rated Over-reachers who're Over-spending our Earth's current abundance will, indeed, most likely be dead and gone before the most calamitous cocks come home to roost...



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