Scouts (dis)Honor

Yeah. I did teh Cub Scouts right up 'til was time to become a Webloe. Wasn't gonna happen, eh.

In my case, and another kid's at the same time and for the same essential reason, 'twas 'cause our Den Ma's kid and her nephew didn't like the fact the other kid was always so quiet, so they kept messing with him to make him say stuff. I never did know what the exact cause was, but when I saw her too snot-nosed pups start whalin' on dude, I just had to join in. I didn't know the kid that well either, but he'd never been in any trouble of which I knew, and DM's punks were Always startin' shit and gettin' other kids yelled at for their crap. Besides, it was two on one, and Fairness required some balance at that point. Me and dude were fine. The other two? Well, we were asked not to come back is all I'll say.

Then I grow up and find out just how messed up the Scouts really have become. NOT without redeeming qualities By Any Means. Just - For the Most Part - a load of jingoistic, chauvinistic crap. And I'm still sure that quite a few guys are better of for them in their lives. It's a good read if you know next to nothing about why folks would Evah bad talk a group that's always been seen as "good guys".



  1. I'm glad I don't have boys. My girls have only expressed a passing interest in Brownies and such, but Boy Scouts can kiss my hairy atheist bum.

    And, yes, I used to be one, long before I knew I was an atheist, and long before people were "openly gay."

  2. I used to be a scout, growing up.

    While I was in the scouts, the Scout Association of Australia effectively banned "Scout's Own" which was supposed to be an ecumenical prayer service on Sundays, mainly because not a lot of scouts were from Christian backgrounds anymore.

    I don't think that the Scouts in Australia would touch the gay issue - even though scouts are co-ed in Australia these days, sex would be too hot a potato for them to go near.


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