Compete And Cooperate

"13:27 Say: Lo! Allah sendeth whom He will astray, and guideth unto Himself all who turn (unto Him)"

See? As long as its understood that You believe in Allah and don't need Me to believe in Alla, I am totally cool with that. It's poetic. Has a fatherly embrace to it. I can see how Beautiful and Creative the mind that wrote it was. It phrases very nicely how our Fear a being lost from our Loved ones is utterly terrifying and needs a mantra to counter. "You can make a bad choice and forgive yourself & be forgiven."

Intellectually it needs a little salt though. How would this concept deal with a confrontation with an asteroid coming to the Earth? I mean, is it God's will if space debris the size of Alaska slams into Long Island, Istanbul, Antartica or Anywhere at that size...? Not only does a mantra or belief not explain it, it doesn't Prevent it either.

If the asteroid, tsunamic, volcanic explosion is Punishment as many Diologuists profess, than I believe Someone Else is being punished and I am, in US Military parlance, Collateral Damage. I KNOW I live My life well. I've got problems like anyone. I KNOW there is so much potential in this species of yours and mine. We can spread out and intermingle AND Understand each other's needs and abilities along the way. We are Young as a species when you consider how much longer it takes for a human to gestate and grow to maturity than it does any other animal within several weightclasses of us. 3-10 millions years really isn't That long for an intelligent species to evolve.

We'll get it. All of us.
Compete And Cooperate



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