In Case There IS a Point

I've always been, Firmly, of the opinion that Humanity is a species worth saving. Whether that is from Ourselves or from Nature or Both, I think Homo Sapiens has an incredible amount of potential.

Our History, despite being as blighted as it is by Wars, Technnological Disasters (which are by definition, of human manufacture,) or our propensity for Inhumanity to our fellows, is also a Rich and Vibrant tale of Triumphs and Creativity. From the first uses of Cuneform writing to the invention of the Internet; from Hammurrabi's Code to The United Nations Charter; from cave paintings to Finding Nemo, individuals and groups of human animals have been robust, determined and profound in their creations. We are capable of actions both sublime and profane and, as ignorant as we still are to the mechanism of our life's origination on this planet (abiogenesis? - cometary biological dust?) we continue to search for reasons and means to make Life better.

But for whom?

The answer to this question is argued every day on blogs, in restaurants, at dinner around the table. Some say its for the "Greater Good." Like the level of water, we are all brought to the level of our Lowest Common element. This SEEMS to be the message of many religions. Others profess the Moral Supremacy of the Individual; afterall, they argue, what is the greatest driving force of our creativity but our desire to improve our OWN individual lot in life. If we form our Laws upon this premise, then we are All given a motivation to improve the species as a whole, one person at a time. Still others, and here is where I have a BIG problem, believe it is All for the glory of God.

Yes, God. That Unknowable, Ineffable, Inscrutable and Unspeakable Creator of All. Giving Praise and Glory to that Being, for it is frequently described and/or expressed as a Being from whose template we, homo sapiens, humanity, have been designed, is supposedly what the whole shebang of Life is for. It has been for It all along. In fact, IT is the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and The End. From it we, supposedly came, and to it we will ultimately (IF we pass some crucial tests) go.

Because some of the earliest stories of our beginnings seem to include references to such a being or beings it appears belief in them/It has been with our species for quite a long time. Even primitive cultures often exhibit belief systems which suggest a trust in something Unifying and Supportive of themselves. It is by no means Universal, despite claims to the contrary by those who would contort any and all information to fit their ideas about our species.

So I wonder, by studying the God Phenomenon on Earth, it would be possible for a curious alien species who might happen upon us to view both the Best and the Worst we have brough into being since our arrival as a World Changing Force. For this post I'm curious to hear some examples of how either A) Our Best outweighs our Worst or B) Our Worst is so insufferable and unforgivable that an alien species with the power to visit and observe us would have little choice but to condemn us to the confines our tiny little world. Personally I think I'll argue for our freedom based on our Good God Deeds outweighing our Bad People are Punished by God escapades.

I'd prefer not to have this "alien" described as God. I think that would add an element of Supernatural Perfection to the observer that the aliens I have in mind would necessarily lack.

I totally hope there are some willing (and possible aspiring) writers out there who will be glad to take this idea up.


  1. I've a few thoughts on the matter.

    Despite my tendency to suggest that humans 'might as well nuke themselves and get it over with,' I would fully believe that the good outweighs the bad, so long as we are able to advance as a species. In every generation, we've had forces attempting to pull us back, but apart from a few occasions(namely the Pythagoreans) they've failed miserably. All the power and influence of the Catholic Church at it's hight could not prevent the advancement of science.

    If you want to count deaths, look also at the number of people that modern medicine has given a few more years of life. As I've said, I don't count lives as integers, so there's no excusing our brutalities, and no making up for them, but you also can't condemn the whole for the evils of the few.

    Like any tribunal, our judging aliens have to take us one by one. Don't let Bush off the planet, sure, but there are millions of people who'd love world peace, interstellar peace, and--dare I suggest it--universal peace, for as long as the current incarnation of the universe lasts.

  2. Synchronicity is about the only thing that could make a believer out of me since it's just too weird sometimes. SecWeb has an article, about this from a different point of view.

    And I'll try to blog about it soon.

  3. Say, do you read a lot of William Blake?

    You write as if you do. And that's a compliment if you were wondering.

  4. Thanks Schemanista! I've actually not known anything of William Blake until I googled him just now. The William Blake archive does strike a chord in moi.

    I'll be readin' for a bit more tonight. Thanks 'gain.


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