Chicken Little - Eagle BIG

But you aren't going to see many eagles go attacking chickens because eagles just aren't that large that they'll take on a sharp beaked, hook clawed little fighting bird that is a chicken. It just doesn't make any sense for them to do so unless they've got some variety of brain disease which prevents them from living by their strengths.

You ever cut off a chicken's head? I have. They don't just die. Their wings flap furiously and their claws rake insanely, which of course, makes sense, since there is no longer any brain connectivity to make their actions sane, but there is still energy and the autonomic functions of life which they've used to evolve to survive in fields of a large variety of predators, sans any ability to fly above the mammalian fray.
Action Alert on IRAN

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. We need to let our representatives know that Bush cannot attack Iran. GW will not go away quietly as his disastrous term comes to an end. I think most of us believe Iran is the next target on Bush and Cheney’s to-do list. Kristol, the equally insane Ledeen (read this madness) and all his Neocon, warmongering...

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(Ed's note: I'd starting writing this as a separate post, and clicked on the digg it
button on Crooks and Liars. I think I've finally figured that little widget out!

Back to the story...)

Americans are good people. I know this. I live with them. I am one. I'm Lucky to be so and I know it and, quite frankly, I like it. We have got things So Good, that it's really tremendously difficult for us to acknowledge how heinously wrong have been the actions of our President and inaction of our Congress over the last four or five years.

But, like other Americans, I've got a life to live! Personally, I've got a date this weekend for the first time in nearly a year. Why would I want to be fiddling around, talking 'bout things over which "I have no control" such as politics and war? What I'm saying is that I can relate to folks not wanting to be bothered by the activities of our government. Just take care of it. Let 'em do their jobs. I've got my own life to handle.

Sure our gas prices have risen, and alright, consumer goods, food, utilities, etc, have seemed to have gone up a little or maybe stayed the same, but we just want to live the lives which we're trying to make for ourselves and our families. We don't want to have to call our politicians to task for failures which don't seem to be really making our lives all that much more difficult. I mean, that's just the way it is. Right? The sky isn't ever gonna fall!

Well, when an eagle comes soaring down out of that sky upon its prey, to say "the sky is falling" is about as good an analogy as one is ever gonna find. But it's only falling in Iraq, in Afghanistan. Not here for G's sake!

Did the sky "fall" on September 11th? I think that most folks would say it may as well have for those at ground zero.

And who gave the initial financing to the insane and brutally anti-American terrorists that committed those foul and world-shaking acts?

Thing of it is is, now our Dear Leader has the plans in plans to get another gaggle of chickens clucking furiously and fighting back, beak and claw, slowly and inexorably draining the resources of our country, regardless of the "necessity" of our government's actions. Because eagles don't attack chickens for their survival. They let them have their lives and search for other, less dangerous prey. They certainly don't throw them scratch and watch them grow into even larger, more tempting yet incredibly more dangerous prey.

I don't like that analogy, but I DO think it's apt. Americans like our symbol of the Eagle. Proud. Strong. Wise and ready to do battle in order to protect its territory.

But the Oil in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia is not our property! And the "chicken" in this story is not gonna sit on the group and cry "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Whatever the insanity of Iran's approach to Democracy, their reliance and primitive religious Sharia laws, their nuclear ambitions, the only way these things threaten the United States is if the U.S. can NOT keep its own house in order and find the resources and tools we need in ways which are NOT disruptive of other nations' rights to live as they see fit; no matter how anyone on our side of the World thinks about those ways.

Iran is a danger to our present Administration's Mission in Iraq. It will only become a danger to us U.S. Americans {rollin'eyes} if we continue in our apathy and willful ignorance to allow our government to unilaterally and even more insanely invade yet another sovereign nation without territorial provocation.

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. Call now!

H/T to Larry for the news about Amato's C&L post. I truly have enough trouble just dealing with being a silly human trying to live my silly life without having a government like Bu$hCo's forcing me to have to fear ever more war and even possible nuclear weapons attacks.

But I respect my duties as a Citizen. I want my Government back! I want peace to begin with freakin' me.


  1. Michael, is the problem eagles or ChickenHawks? Thanks for the Action Alert. I called both already.

  2. ChickenHawk's thinkin' they're Eagles, eh. Battyist birds in the belfry.

  3. "U.S. Americans." Sigh. When will people let that poor gal off the hook?

    A date? Congratulations and enjoy.

  4. Oh, she's luvin' that hook! I saw her on ESPN's College Game Day. They had her point out the home town of Appalachian State University on a map!

    Thanks! I do so intend to enjoy teh date.


  5. “The American people long ago lost faith in the president’s leadership of the war in Iraq because his rhetoric has never matched the reality on the ground,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “The choice is between a Democratic plan for responsible redeployment and the president’s plan for an endless war in Iraq.”

    The American people have long ago lost faith in you also Nancy Pelosi!

  6. Bush's weasel like approach tonight is the next step in the neocon plan to launch World War III.

    Now do we have any Democrats with the guts to stop him?

  7. I love the new header! Love-it.

    Now for the AG part:

    Let's discuss said date! OOoooh.

  8. Pelosi is just about the most inexplicable pol out there, IMO. I just don't get her. She seems to have a clear understanding of what's at stake and what the real motivations for the neocons are, yet she totally refuses to press the Constitutional issues! She CAN'T be ...

    I just don't get her. {sigh}

    Not enough Dems, Larry. I crashed before watching Edwards' speech last night, but am going to check out his site (sometime) today because I'm still thinking he has the best chance to be our best bet for real clean-up of this entire Bu$hCo calamity. As with Pelosi though, I just don't know...

    Alright, just check out his speech. Meh!

    It was nothin' but a commercial! Not so bad, given that, and the bottom-line was at least an accurate assessment. It's just that he sounds like more of the same ol' same ol'.

    Still, their's always hope.

    On a brighter note, thanks Adorable One! It'll be fun. Gonna go "window shopping" for apartments with a girl who only recently moved to the C-Town area. Depending on the weather, there could even be a walk on the beach involved.

    We'll be to see, eh.


  9. Michael, enjoy your date and your weekend. Forget the politics for a few days. We all know we'll be in same mess next Monday.

  10. I dont think that the changes are small, but when they happen over time, like rising prices, people adjust. They find ways to deal.

    For a while the housing market compared to wage increases was a ridiculous ration. The cost of healthcare compared to salaries? And so on.

    But I think the people hit hardest are people nobody cares about. Who is hurt by five more bucks a week in gas?

    Not many people. But to a person struggling, it hurts.

    I strongly believe things will get far worse, and they will be noticed. Many economists predict the same. Nobody has an explanation for how they could possibly NOT get worse given our deficit and military spending.

    The ability to go about one's business will be compromised.

    People will not be able to sustain huge cars with huge homes in suburbs. But dammit, they are insulated from people they look down on. So they will keep trying.

    Enjoy the date! Nice banner.

  11. I'm with Kevin. Have a great date and enjoy the pleasure of another person's company. The fan will still be spinning and the shit still flying next week ;-)

  12. As long as the moronic monkey sits on the Poppycock Throne, he'll keep that cash cow open for his peers to plunder.

    Chimpy has been all about stealing all the wealth of America and transferring it to his peers. It's the Chimpy way.


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