True . .

. . and False.
Whilst true that many lifelong habits - both those with which I'm good and those I'm still to kickin' - do hold prominence in my daily being, it is even more accurate to say that those habits from the first half have been built up or whittled away to form the background on the canvass which is the evolving critter that be me.

So, I totally get where dude was coming from. I just ain't locked down with it, eh.

By the way, clickin' the pic takes you to the same place that it does when clicking on it from the iGoogle home page. If you don't use it yourself, it's just one of dozens of distractors you can add to your own.



  1. The quote reminded me of how easy it is to get stuck in a rut in life and keep going through the same mindless routines. Of course, that has never happened to me, since I'm a goose who wakes up in a new world every day.

  2. I dig that snazzy skyline.
    It somehow seems sooo familiar ;-)

    Lifelong habits.... sigh
    .... oh Reese's peanut butter cups. I wish I could quit you.

  3. love this quote! i think i'll share it with my students and have them write a response to it in their journal...

  4. dostoevksy was fantastic

    have you read 'notes from underground'?

  5. Frankly Scarlet, I'm to diggin' that. ;-} (I've already used teh "silly goose" line on ya, so will spare ya on here, eh.)

    Ain't it cool, Tina? My bro took that pic. It's one of my faves, to be sure. But don't let go them Reese's! Mmmmmmm Reese's... {-'

    Cool Bird! That'll give 'em a different way to think about their own futures, eh.

    Michael, as it stands, Dostoevsky's one o' those classic authors whom I've not read except in excerpts and synopses. "Rebellion" was my early excuse, then came college and t'was no necessity for so many, so no time, so no dice.

    Thing is, while I do intend to have at many which I've missed, because of the informal ways I have studied through the course of my life, I don't really think I've actually missed too much more than to read other people's missing of the point. It's not that I think I don't still have lots to learn, it's that I've learnt it already from the distilled versions of those classics and the fact I knew many of those versions had their own agendas to navigate as well. Still, the wiki on that one makes it look like something I just might find interesting.

  6. we're all capable of change, but as we get older, it old habits die hard. like you said, it's true and false.... but it's not absolute in any respect, using words like "in fact" and "nothing". i like your term "personally evolving organisms"... that just says it all.

  7. i have that on my google homepage. love it.

  8. I've read about some people who have amnesia and have even forgotten what they like and dislike, and lost all old habits too. I don't want amnesia, but it would be nice to have a clean slate when it comes to certain things once in awhile - just to break out of the rut.


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