tonight! Tonight!! TONIGHT!!!

Whoa oh!

No. I'll not be here to see teh G-men. Even though my work's suite at the Q was available, I didn't put in for Genesis tics cuz I'm off the Chi-town to monkey dance the night away to the progressive beats & rhythms of my favorite DJ in the genre.

I saw him in the same venue last year and, believe me you, Dude does rock. I expect the show to go 'til 4 or so and my silly self to be tres exhausted by the time I hit the hotel hay.

Have a great weekend! I sure am plannin' on it.



  1. That is one happy post by the alleged excruciatingly slowly personally evolving organism you claim to be. :-)

    Have a blast!!

  2. 7:45pm, Sunday night. I'm home.


    'Twas Excellent! The best night dancin' I've had yet, in my 2 weeks shy of a year since my first club trip. That link weren't nuthin' like teh jams dude did lay down on Friday, either. Was ... Just great, eh. Spent the whole night dancin' with my friends and this crazy group of chinese who barely spoke a lick o' english. w00t! lol! Was like 8 college age girls and one guy who looked about my age and acted like a chaperon or something.

    Crazy, eh.

    Oh! And on my way home I find out my Dawgs beat teh rat birds o' baltimore, 27, 13!!!

    ok. Chill down time then I crash.

    See ya Nava!@

  3. i know you had fun. hope you have recuperated.

  4. is this the same sasha from 'sasha & digweed"? they've always been ahead of their time. you should check some of my internet radio stations on my blog, particularly netmusique (flaresound and housemusique are phenomenal). soma fm is also amazing. i do believe it was you who introduced me to pandora. this tune "what are you to me" is great. have a good time and take a knap prior to the festiviites ;)

  5. btw, the original track "what are you to me" is by unkle... find it here/hear

  6. Still in process, Tonya. It's all good though. Even those moments that ain't cuz I took today off from work, knowing the drill. {-'

    One 'n' the same, Raffi. Digweed's awesome too, eh. But, dude! that 'tube does stop too soon. {sigh} Coolish though, eh. Thx!

  7. How was Chicago?

    You should have stopped by Jennifer's for some cookies and 1992.

  8. Chicago was beautiful but, once again, we didn't see enough of it. Next time we're thinkin' about going a day early. That way we'll actually do something in the city other than just hittin' the Club. I'd really dig going to the top of the Sears Tower, for example, but after such a looong drive and exhilarating but exhausting night, the next day is really just time for chillin' and catching up.

    I really did think of mentioning I was heading out there to Jennifer too. But I didn't even tell me sis, who just moved out there, cuz I knew how it'd be. Drive. Dance. Dance. Dance. Sleep (a little [lol!]) Chill. Sleep. Drive home again. Is fun, but I am an amateur at this stuff, don't ya know. {-'

  9. Chicago, dancing, clubs, hotels, wha? Don't mind Bossy, she'll just be here watching The War on PBS. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  10. I hear that, M.B. I'm glad the time was good.

    I've seen Bossy dance in Chi-town!


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