Someone Get This Guy a Dictionary!

'Cause it's pretty obvious he'll never have a clue.

I'm hoping (against Hope, it sometimes seems) that our congress critters will not continue to be so obtuse. Keep letting them know that it's Time To Bring Home The Boys! (and Girls! and weapons and "contractors"!)

The video, I got from this page which also has a petition to the signers' Congress folk, telling them to Bring Them Home. Here's the text I added when signing it myself.

Whether or not our nation CAN win the Military battles in Iraq, both our "mission" and our government's excuses for being there are based upon heinously False Premises.

No nation can FORCE Democracy upon another, and the oil in Iraq is NOT something the United States either needs ABSOLUTELY or has ANY non-competitive Right to obtaining.

The only Overwhelming result of this Administration's invasion has been to destroy our Financial Security in our country and throughout the world with ONLY one party Profiting; Haliburton Inc.

It is not hyperbole to label many of the actions of this Administration Treasonous, and beginning the necessary steps to ending our military involvement in Iraq, expeditiously, must be the primary focus of any legislator looking to resolve the troubles of the past 6 years.

Freedom ain't easy. Neither is Progress. We'll have neither in the United States if we keep allowing our government to clamp down on the former and bastardize the definition of the latter.


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