Ding Dong the Don is Gone ! ! !

The indefensible Neocon Don is gone
Ding Ding
The Neocon Don is Gone!

Bush says Rumsfeld to step down

31 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the face of U.S. war policy, will step down after Democrats' rode Americans' anger over

Iraq to victory in Tuesday's election, senior defense and administration officials said on Wednesday.
I just heard it in the car on N.P.R. at lunch, then got a friendly email note as soon as I returned to my desk.

It's kinda funny that there really can't be any doubt that Rummy did
indeed resign, and wasn't actually shoved aside with the requirement that he just says it was his own idea. As my work partner, K-Dog, the guy with the Stinging Sam pic from yesterday, reminded me when I told him about this, the Don has proferred his resignation at least once or twice over the past few years.

Bush, despite Rumsfeld's resignation, appears to still be "staying the course."

[NPR Link] Following the dramatic victories by Democrats, President Bush announced Wednesday the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the face of U.S. war policy and a lightning rod for critics worldwide.

"I recognize that many Americans voted last night to register their displeasure with the lack of progress being made" in Iraq, President Bush said at a news conference. "Yet I also believe most Americans -- and leaders here in Washington from both political parties -- understand we cannot accept defeat."

Which once more takes us right back to the provocative, and so far elusive, question of just how do we define the opposite of defeat. What, Mr Bush, would realistically and substantially entail a victory in a war which we should have Never initiated? How is anything other than defeat possible when our stated goals are themselves impossible to attain, because they naught other than delusional (to be kind) fabrications of your ideological brethren?

Perhaps the arrival of a new majority in the US House of Representatives will, if not exactly answer those questions in precisely the way they're currently formulated, at least encourage the formulation of a plan to withdraw from our current course of action in Iraq.

If this new Congress can succeed in that most economically and morally laudable endeavour, then perhaps we will be able to reevaluate our nation's priorities and, most importantly to my way of thinking about the world our species has created for ourselves, what precisely we consider to be our
prerogatives in the Middle East.

Ding Ding
The Neocon Don is Gooooone!


  1. it just gets better and better.

  2. Good stuff all day long. I don't like the looks of the replacement, but we'll take care of him. Think Cheney will go too?

  3. Hhmmm... I'm bettin' not on Cheney, just because he is the real power in this Admin.

    Still, if Turdblossom thinks losing Shooter will help teh neocon mission survive, then yeppers. He'll be resigning "for health reasons".

    Good riddance!

  4. Happy happy joy joy! Pat Buchanan says that Cheney is the dissenter now. He tried to hold onto Rummy...which translates into Rummy not wanting to go. Bush is making a move to show that he is his own man. Dub said that Darth stays...I wonder if Darth's health will take a turn...if you know what I mean? If he goes, that gives a new VP a chance to be the front runner for 08...just a possibility. Cheney doesn't want to play second fiddle now...he's enjoyed power that no other VP has ever had to my knowledge. He's outdated as of today. Rove isn't brain dead yet.

  5. I think W's dad's coming in with all the grown ups to clean up the mess.

    I think they pushed Rummy out.

    I think Cheney might go, too.

    Even though I'm slightly worn out from staying up till 1am, then getting up at 4:45am to see what was going on -- I'll do the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, too!

    Wouldn't it be GREAT if Cheney left? Who would replace him? Cart before the horse here FOR SURE! But, I'm just speculating.

  6. Excellent analysis, Sumo! I've just read something similar elsewhere (jeez! I've just cruised about 20 blogs, and who knows where it was! lol!)

    And I see BG is backin' us both up w/ info no doubt procured from sound sources.

    Yes. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Indeedio!!!

    How does VP McCain sound? I'm just sayin', not predictin'.

    Hhmmm... And it's really too bad that Lamont lost, cuz Lieberman woulda been the perfect first bi-Partisan VP in History. No? :D

  7. Once again that idiot "understands" nothing, although that's how he couches his miserable failure. He "understands" how the American people are dissatified "with the progress" in Iraq. What bullshit. There isn't any fucking progress with which to be dissatisfied. What they are dissatisfied with is the same lying propaganda about something that never should have been and wouldn't except for the lying propaganda. "Fed up" is what they were, not "dissatisfied".

  8. Say it, Neil! That empty eggshell doesn't know anything!

    As MB says, W00t! w00T!


    Ooooh, boy. McCain as VP? Could they swallow THAT much pride after their big failure of a night? Doubt it. But! Ya never know.



    (jeez! I've just cruised about 20 blogs, and who knows where it was! lol!)

    I can relate to THAT! I blogged WAY too much today. I need to detox, I'm afraid!

  9. I think Dan Quayle is available for VP -- and still good for some laffs, I'll bet! Sick of Cheney - he is just sooo unfunny.

    I don't think he's going anywhere though... not unless he goes to... ::heaven:: ;-)

    But I could be wrong. We're on a roll. Click your heels together, Dorothy. You never know what might happen.

  10. Ooh, good news, good news for everyone except those being booted out. I can't help but still be a might pessimistic though. Won't expect change until I see it.

  11. Hhmmm... Yes. Quayle would make an excellent Lame Duck VP. Plus he'd have the added bonus of being utterly unelectable as Preznit in '08, unlike McCain.

    There's just sooo much I could say here folks, so I'll leave it at this:

    For Intelligence, Passion and Humour (Oh My!,) this has to have been Silly Humans' Bestest comment thread Ever!

    Thanks and welcome back always amigas y'migo!!!


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