Suicidally Insane Fundamentalism

Be it Religion or any other ideology which ignores and refutes reality, Fundamentalism is the most accurate and appropriate moniker with which to peg it.


  1. Some people won't believe in it until Manhattan goes underwater and Fox News admits there might be something to this stuff (like that will happen). Hoping Fox News becomes extinct before the polar bears.

  2. Denying reality seems to have become what we do best.

    Well, at least we're good at something.

  3. It's too bad that the "Fundamentals" that they base their beliefs on are NOT fundamental at all, any more than they are "conservative".

    Maybe some of us need to get together and compile a learning/teaching manual of some true Fundamentals, that apply to humanity universally- a tome of simple truths that can be taught that actually promote peace on earth and good will towards man...

    But, to believe that such a book could be believed in America may be wildly unrealistic of me...

  4. I have been saying for quite a while that Global Climate Change hasn't been getting any traction in the medi because the only "scientists" who say it isn't happening, are those which are in bed with the fossil fuels industry.

    Global Climate Change is an economic nightmare for the fossil fuel industries, which is why they have spent billions talking it down.

    Probably in order to buy time to hedge their investments more in nuclear and alternative fuel industries and patents.

    Yes, I know, I am a skeptic. (or is that cynic? ;)

  5. Manhattan, New Orleans, the Everglades... Corpus Christi could be disappearing in not so long too.

    Unless, of course, you watch Fox. And are they ever good at denying reality!

    But, to believe that such a book could be believed in America may be wildly unrealistic of me...

    Someday, Fade. It already is by a slowly growing number of people. Gods'd really just be silly to think about if not for all the killing and control issues of their Believers.

    You bet they're hedgin' their freakin' bets for more control too, Beep. Some of 'em will even make it. Here's hoping they get it right, whomever they are.

  6. I too wish that for FOX. Isnt this the time of year thewy start using the bears to sell sod-ee pop?


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