Mid East Pundits Say Repubs are Idiots

How about a little Middle Eastern perspective (via der Spiegel) on these great American mid-terms just completed?
"A Reckless Government of Idiots"

By Mohammad Ghazal

The Middle East is largely pleased with the outcome of the US midterms on Tuesday. It's about time that this "stupid government of Republicans" got what they deserved.


"US policy will be in a state of paralysis," predicted Abdul Menem Saeed, head of Al Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo in a conversation with SPIEGEL ONLINE. "It is true that the Democrats have won the House of Representatives but still they don't set US foreign policy." The US, he thinks, may become reluctant to act in the region.

Many, though, see that as a change for the better. A deep distrust of the US is widespread in the region particularly given the Bush Administration's early talk of wanting to spread democracy across the Middle East. While many would welcome more freedoms, the neoconservative zeal shown by Bush and his foreign policy team frightened many.

Hhmmm... Well alrighty, then. Condi's version of "diplomacy" doesn't seem to have had all that beneficent of an effect as of now, has it...

As far as the analysis of Bassem Sakkejha
goes, it seems to me he is being overly optimistic in his timeline, but I none the less hope he's closer than my own guess, which is more like the late to middle of 2008.

Gots to give the Voters what they want, don't ya know, if the Neocon Hegemons are going continue holding any sort of power what-so-ever, I really think that such is the hour in which Flyboy George will, yet again, see fit declare Mission Accomplished!

Bassem Sakkejha, a columnist with the Jordanian daily Ad Dustour, 2007 will be the year of withdrawal from Iraq. ''The withdrawal from Iraq would not happen overnight but it will be greatly accelerated by the Democrats," Sakkejha predicted.

More than that, though, Sakkejha thought that the Democratic victory might actually improve relations between the US and the Middle East. The Arab Street, he said, is happy to see "a change of this stupid government of Republicans that are being led like a herd of sheep." The future, after all, could hardly be worse than the current situation, he said.

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  1. The Democrats won't be able to end the war before 2008, but they will slow things down and start to minimize the damage. The Republicans will accuse them of obstructionism, but that's exactly the way the system is supposed to work. Nobody gets to be completely in control.

    I'm OK with that.

  2. I feel confident in the direction of our country for the first time in a LONG time...

  3. That's really about the way I see it goin' on, as well Larry, and, yeah, I'm OK with it too. Obstructionism of insanity is kind of a Good Thing, eh.

    It's just sad that so many more folks are gonna get their heads/arms/legs and property blown to all hell before our military's part in it is over.

    Dig it Bird! It is STILL celebration time for a few more days. Ahhh... what the hekk, weeks! lol

  4. The Middle East is largely pleased with the outcome of the US midterms on Tuesday. It's about time that this "stupid government of Republicans" got what they deserved.

    Oh my. The whole world has been feeling the same way as us. We knew it. But, until now, well, it's just, I don't know.

    I'm tired.

    How's that for highbrow analysis?


    I agree with Larry.

    And you, MB.

    Thank God the American People stopped these buffoons in their tracks. Took 'em long enough. But, at last it happened.



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