Marie Antoinette . . .

. . . . . . Not!

Mi amiga and I did the sneek-in since the 9:45 showing of Borat sold out with the threesome right ahead of us in line.

Peoples, I'm telling you true, if you want to be Laugin' Out Loud for roughly two hours straight, see this movie!

K, now an' I'm out.



  1. i want to go see this soon!!
    Sneakin' in like a teenager...HA!!

  2. Shhhh.... Don't tell anybody, Maria.

    What? Oh... Nevermind. {-;

    Be warned, though. There is Nudity, and it is most emphatically NOT of a good sort! {shudder} lol!

  3. 2 more nights and...oh shall be mine.

  4. Not of the good sort? Male or female? I want to be prepared! I don't want to miss it be digging around the popcorn box looking for the butteriest pieces when I could be seeing something really outrageous.

  5. Kool Kvatch! Hope you do a review.

    Well, Sumo... I'll just say that SBC looks good in the buff, butt his co-star... well, I'm glad they did the scene. It was freakin' crazy hilarious if oh so Not what I expected to see.

    Enjoy! (but get the BIG tub of popcorn, as it comes L8 in the flick an' someone could use an exercise program even more than me if'n they're gonna be barin' it all! Not that it's possible too see "it all" in their case. {-;)

  6. ... to see, shmoocy. What evah.



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