I'm Lovin' the Chucklin' First Thing in the Mornin'

This time it's curtesy of Ms Jami, whose email linkage took me to a 'toon which demonstrates why, as a great proponent of technological advancement, I am also so vociferously opposed to letting religion have any formal influence upon the institution of government.

Hey, it could happen!


Click on the pic to see what the hekk I'm talkin' about with that "influence" line.


  1. Ooops!

    Forget to add the link to the pic's html.

    Should be good to go now.

    Heheheh... My wordver is fkuug.

    Heheh... Just sayin'...

  2. Yikes! That code is whacked out somehow, so I couldn't even edit it to include the linkage.

    Ehh.. Just click on the title to see the whole comic.

    Welcome to Monday Morning Weirdness peoples!

  3. It took me twice to catch on that I had to run the mouse over the screen. Definitely shows the covert control religion has over the White horse. It is scary to think of the extreme cruelty the religious fundies could wrought in the name of the Prince of Peace.

  4. I listened to John Dean yesterday on c-span book program. He said the fundies got started thinking about getting into religion when Jimmy Carter said during his campaign that he was a born again. They supported him and helped him get elected. Then when they found out he was more liberal than they thought they began to look for another candidate next prez election. They chose Pat Robertson and even though he didn't win, he showed them what to do to work to get someone more like themselves into office. And they have made more progress since.

    In my opinion, they are what used to be called, crazy people.

  5. Quite an accurate historical analysis, POP. Clinton actually managed to wrangle some of those fundy votes himself, at least in teh first election. By the 2nd, the economy had begun recovering and the middleclass and "MTV" crowd had filled the minor void of the fundy's rejection.

    As it's turned out, (meaning W's well run campaignery which is what caught ensnared those so-called "values voters") they appear to be heading back to whence they came and to where I wish them well: the harmless - though not exactly silent - margins.

    Here's to hoping the Dems have learned (not holding my breath) what it that makes a truly intelligent and responsible leadership for government officials: it's the Economy stupid! And, as an abundance of historical economic data has accumulated to indicate, that absolutely includes erecting and securing a rational and compassionate system of social welfare.

    We'll see...


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