Election Day Ecstacy?

Well now . . . I'm sure the shrub can take it like a man. Just not sure if his definition of manhood will be the operational one for today's expected outcome.

Man! do I be hoping that folks are to be voting at least slightly just a bit more for the Dems.

Bicameral Majority HO!!!

Kudo's to my partner in PC Support for the pic. You rock K-Dog!

Oh yah! If anyone is still in the market for a nice and easily personalized Political Button, Darwin's Dagger has some linkage you might just find to your liking.

(I'd go and make one m'self, but that firewall thingy has said No!)


  1. thanks for the link to Darwin's Dagger. Funny guy. As for Bush, nothing's too good for him. I hope he gets smacked around big time today.

  2. i been ah doin some votin and i'm shor that we votid the same.

  3. I do draw the line at torture, Mary. But, with where Uncle Sam's gettin' ready to go, "don't knock it 'til ya've tried it" may be Dubs new motto.


    I'm not to be doubtin' it Tonya, my fair Tenn'ssee dame.

    Ain't it though, Brando? It's a keeper for real, an that sho do be so!

    (OK now. Think I'm all rhymed out. Thanks for puttin' up with it, folks. I assure you it helps, but even I'm gonna be sick of it soonish. I hope.. .)

  4. I'm jealous of that cartoon!

  5. G' head an' pinch it, Sumo! It's fun to share.



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