Superficially Silly (to be Nice About It)

But upon gentle consideration, I think it just means to relax. I can potentially be who I am physiologically capable of being. Coming to terms with that is
A) something one learns unconsciously via childhood, or B) something which can only be obtained by letting go of the struggle to find it.

No matter how hard I try, or how much I observe and do struggle to achieve, I can't
do anything really worthwhile with what I am, if I am not, in my foundation, the most whole and free that I can be.

namas te


  1. Hi, you have an interesting blog. Can I add your blog to my Link list?


  2. Thanks for your help on my site...had no idea that such bots existed!!
    You rock!

  3. My pleasure, Maria. I really think that comment was just bot gettin' free advertising of the worst sort.

    And thanks for visiting! You've got cool li'l blog goin' on, and I see lots of my webfriends o'er at your place so it's even "homier" still. Nice!

    Hey now Simon. Do you another profile (and blog,) other than the one linked to above? If it's the one I'm thinking it is then, by all means, feel free and thanks for askin'. I'll be reciprocating cuz the other one absolutely Rocks!


  4. Jeezzz... It's past m' bedtime. I'm droppin' modifiers left and right, and I'm not even buzzed! lol!

  5. I think he is referring to the quiet still voice within. I ocassionally get a weak peep from it.

  6. Good Mornin' Mary!

    Agreed on the quiet still voice within. It's been a tremendous sleep saver for me these past few months.

    Whatever one's worldview, that internal dialogue is teh foremost feature of its development. IMO anyhow.


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