Why Not Me? Why Not Now?

I've mentioned before that I get a newsletter which I use for the "soundbites", as it were. I'll not pay for it cuz I don't have the kind o' disposable income their regular clientèle enjoys.

I do appreciate the subject lines and the occasional motto which I find relevant to my own situation though.

That's all this is: A question I've, all too often, found poor excuses for ignoring its personal relevance in my life.

Happy Hump Day all!


  1. Ours is not to reason why. Ours is simply to do or die. Scuba diving sounds good to me - the bahamian waters are still warm and cozy for that.

  2. Yes, why not MB? I wake each morning asking myself that and why GWB is permitted to be in the oval office given his war crimes, hatred of the America people and his nose candy addictions. Why him is more the question for AG today.


  3. Mmmmmmm.... Bahamian waters... Mmmm... {-; Those sound Wonderful right now!

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh, AG.

  4. Texas has nice beaches this time of the year.!!

  5. Here that, Sumo? Texas for Tea an' some Techno, maybe? :D After scuban the Gulf shore, of course. See ya at Glenda's!


  6. happy hump day to ya too.

  7. power, pupose and passion, my kinda zine.

  8. Ya heard the man...party is at Glenda's!! course, I'm 200 miles from the beach, but, oh well......

  9. 200 miles? Is that all?

    I drive that for a few hours o' good progressive house music. No sweat!

    Especially for Good Progressive hostess!



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