Morning's Meanderings

So, what kind of eye do you think it is? Dolphin? Whale? Squid perhaps?

Try that of a hurricane around the
south pole of Saturn.

This one looks like a tree to me, albeit an impressionistic one. Or possibly an electron micro graph of a slice of brain or lung or kidney or something.

How about a river delta way out yonder in Siberia.

And, maybe the most amazing marvel of all:

Hey, what can I say? I'm a silly sports' fan too!

Rutgers is in the BCS running for College Football's National Championship!
[From] Painted on the red brick wall in the north end zone of Rutgers Stadium are the words: "The Birthplace of College Football." The Scarlet Knights were a part of the first college football game played more than 137 years ago, a 6-4 win over Princeton in 1869, and they really hadn't played a game as important as that one since.

Between then and now, history had essentially ceased when it came to Rutgers football. The Scarlet Knights have played in two bowl games and were largely considered one of the worst teams in the country. For longer than anyone in the New York metropolitan area can remember, Rutgers set the standard for football futility, going 0-11 in 1997, 1-10 in 1999 and 1-11 as recently as 2002.

Big Time congrats to the currently 13th ranked Scarlet Knights and all the New Jerseyans who thought you'd never, ever, not in another hundred some odd years, see this kind of opportunity wrested away from the usual occupants of college football's elite by your Rutgers ballers.

Due to the intrinsically unfair nature of the BCS ranking system, and the unmitigated greed of university presidents across the NCAA, (Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs already!) this win over #3 Louisville doesn't really guaranty y'all anything but a bowl birth, but it does surely show that the football program at this ancient (for an American university) and venerable
institution is finally and unmistakably up to playing with the Big Boys of the Grid Iron Game.



  1. Isn't it amazing how the micro and the macro look alike? I remember scuba diving and swimming over the ocean bottom , thinking about how much it resembles flying over the grand canyon. Above is as below.

  2. Siberia DOES look a piece of a lung! Do you use Google Earth? Lots of fun and a great time waster. And that hurricane is very weird-looking. You can see why it's called an eye.


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