I Gots the Shivers

It's been perhaps the best off-year election since I've been old enough to vote but, Oh man! I gotta get me away from this 'puter for a while.

I'll get entranced by a little o' this tonight, and 7 or 8 more hours of somethin' somewhat similar up in the D on Friday should be just what the doctor ordered.

AG said in a comment; It's time to Celebrate Peoples!


  1. Do you realize that in just a few hours we went from a nightmare to a dream world? Isn't this like the best feeling you have had in about six years. Now if we could just bring our troops home, I would be the world's happiest female creature.

  2. And celebrate we shall!

    Drinks are on AG the next time she's in Ohio. When that will be in the more interesting question at hand...

  3. I'll be happily right beside ya, POP. We'll see how that quite-a-big-deal does evolve from here forward.

    Drinks on AG! More w00t w00t Wheeeeee!!! LOL!

    I gots to be buyin' a couple 'rounds for that celebration though. Hope we see ya soon Adorable one!

  4. Dream world is a bit strong, imho.

    BTW, that video/song is about 10x gayer than I am.

  5. You really think so, teh? I thought it was more l4m3 than gay, but I just love the Trance man. House. Drum an' Bass. Nice and Easy, K? {-;


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