Earth's Gaian to Get Even Hotter Yet . . .

Just something to think about. Don't let it get ya down, eh.

Gaia scientist Lovelock predicts planetary wipeout

Lovelock adopted the name Gaia, the Greek mother earth goddess, in the 1960s to apply to his then revolutionary theory that the earth functions as a single, self-sustaining organism. His theory is now widely accepted.

In London to give a lecture on the environment to the Institution of Chemical Engineers, he said the planet had survived dramatic climate change at least seven times.

"In the change from the last Ice Age to now we lost land equivalent to the continent of Africa beneath the sea," he said. "We are facing things just as bad or worse than that during this century."

"There are refuges, plenty of them. 55 million years ago ... life moved up to the Arctic, stayed there during the course of it and then moved back again as things improved. I fear that this is what we may have to do," he added.

Lovelock said the United States, which has rejected the Kyoto Protocol on cutting carbon emissions, wrongly believed there was a technological solution, while booming economies China and India were out of control.

China is building a coal-fired power station a week to feed rampant demand, and India's economy is likewise surging.

If either suddenly decided to stop their carbon-fuelled development to lift their billions of people out of poverty they would face a revolution, yet if they continued, rising CO2 and temperatures would kill off plants and produce famine, he said.

"If climate change goes on course ... I can't see China being able to produce enough food by the middle of the century to support its people. They will have to move somewhere and Siberia is empty and it will be warmer then," he said.

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But, if it does, take a little trip to Trance Land. Starting here should calm yer nerves.

Happy Humpday


  1. Thanks for the link, MB. Too bad earth's going to be wiped out, though. I'll miss you.

    Until then though, just remember -- whenever you want, the sun can be cotton candy and your bells can giggle. It's what life is all about!


  2. ,-( I'll miss you 2, BG! {sniffle*sniffle}

    In the meantime, I will enjoy and love-so-true those Bells a Gigglin' 'neath our sticky sweet sun!


  3. Not so fast there Blue Girl.

    While you humans are scrapping to get by during the climate disaster, chimps like Michael and frogs like me are just gonna be sitting on the sidelines waiting for our chance to take control.


    But more seriously, I've given up hope that our leaders will really do anything about climate change. That leaves it up to all of individuals to do the best we can to reduce our energy consumption.

  4. Control! ConTROLL!!! muhuhuhuhahahaha!

    Oh wait.. Really, the way I understand Lovelock's theory, and regardless of his own analysis of what It means, Gaia is simply - really! ;-) - the Earth's evolution into a singular, though utterly, almost incomprehensively massive, Sapient organism.

    If our (three) species (w/ perhaps a li'l help from them danged devil-may-care dolphins!) continue expanding our abilities in the realms of Biotechnology and Electronics, I really think - and again, this is assuming we survive our own experiments; both cultural and technical - we should have the entire world Wired from Mantle to Lunar Orbit within this coming Millennium.

    Of course as K-Frog does point out, individuals of all the sapient species ((:-O) are going to NEED to push our Leaders on issues which aren't necessarily profitable - in the short-term - to those Leaders' most influential backers.


    Don't ya know... ;-)


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