Dead Don't Vote

Well, ok. Maybe sometimes.

Always have and perhaps, politicos willing and teh sun don't shine on all the gory details, they always will.
Investigation: Nearly 13,000 Dead Voters Still On Registry


"This really is an attack on the entire system, and it's of paramount importance that we find out how this is happening and we stop it so it can't happen again, one, and, two, find out who's doing it, so we can prosecute them if possible," said (Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Bill) Mason.

So-called "ghost voting" is a felony, and Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Director Michael Vu has already launched an investigation into the problem.

"We will investigate that, send it to the county prosecutor's office and determine what had occurred," Vu said.

Mason said prosecution is possible only if the investigation can prove intent.

NewsChannel5 compared the county's voter registration rolls with death records from the

Social Security Administration, finding 12,688 people who have died but are still registered to vote.

Many of the dead voters passed away years ago, and a good number of them more than a decade ago.

Vu said slow reporting combined with federal rules require him to keep dead people in the registry.

"It's something that needs to be corrected," he said.

Dennis Kucinich, stunned by what was uncovered, said he will help do the correcting.

Kucinich said the investigation has convinced him to introduce a bill to clean up all voter registration rolls and close the gap on corruption.

"One thing is for sure: There is an opening here for the commission of fraud that needs to be close,"(sic) he said.


  1. Shoot, I've been voting dead for years.

  2. It's when they actually VOTE that I worry! heh heh... unfortunately that happens sometimes.

  3. ;-}

    Vote - shmote! It's when come poundin' on my apartment door beggin' for Brains... Brains.... that I gets all bent outta whack!


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