Nov 7, 2006 - De-NeoCon-Struction Day

Want to read a few great quotes on and about the day America votes?

MariaMaria's got the 'toon above at the bottom of a post full of 'em. Check it out, eh.

Another reason I'm glad I was there is that she reminded me to take a wee ride on
The Peace Train, where Glenda expounds (eloquently as always
) on the importance of getting out and voting if we want to keep our Democracy actively vibrant and dynamic.

"Stay the course" may have finally been stayed as a slogan, but the folks who endorse the neocon ideology (which is alive and ... well, not so well - but that's nothing new either) are still purporting to know what's best for the country and, in their anything-but-humble opinion, the rest of the world as well.

All 435 House seats are up for election along with 33 in the 100-member Senate. But many incumbents of both parties are either running unopposed or have token opposition, and so the contest for control of Congress boils down to a few dozen competitive races.

Most polls showed Democrats had a better chance of winning control of the House than the Senate, and early returns on Tuesday night might bear this out.

"We have never said we're going to take control of the Senate. We have said we're on the edge," Sen. Charles Schumer, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said Monday. And many of us will be hoping for that edge while sitting on the edge of our seats. So, please, just go. Vote!

Here's hoping today's turnout makes it far too difficult for even the most obfuscat'ry and well-oiled political machicanery to be "the Decider" when it comes to saying who got the most votes on November 7, 2006 CE.


Oh oh! I kinda feel that I'd be being remiss in leaving out linkage to Blue Girl's post on this, our most important and, as BG declares, one of the most lovable days of the year!

Ain't no Pshawin' this party, peoples. {-;

Happy Voting folks!!!


  1. Pshaw! :)

    Happy voting out the Replican'ts Day!

  2. Hey, thanks michael, you are one good dude!!

  3. Hey, MB! Thanks for the linky love!


    I returned the favor and used your awesome comment as the intro to my new post -- which really isn't a *post* -- but a k/a song to get the blue blood pumping today!


    Even drag your grannies to the voting booth today! We could use those blue hairs!!!

    Ok. I'm being too silly. How else could I use the word "blue?"

    I'm sure there are other ways. But, I'll spare you all!


  4. I guess maybe today we're all bluebloods!

  5. Pshaw back atchya, Adorable One!

    merci beau coup Ms Miss Cuchita! I really enjoyed that post, and some of those comments were a kick as well.

    Thanks BG!

    Even drag your grannies to the voting booth today! We could use those blue hairs!!!

    LOL! Haha! I'll be headin' your way to check out the tunage and linkage and unsparing Blueness in just a few.

    Hey now, Mr Wolf ({-;) I was under the impression that all y'all New Englanders were bluebloods, anyhow.

    Just messin' bro, and good call! I definitely hope that does cover us all (or at least the great majority) on this election day.

    Ya know, it's rainy and gloomy and chilly here in North East Ohio, but it's still quite a beautiful day. Glad all of you had a chance to stop on by.

  6. I forgot to say how much I like that Diebold graphic.

    It's funny.

    But, it hurts your eyes even if you look at it for one second. Doesn't it?


  7. Heheh... but, oy! Is prob'ly cuz of how much I've abused my body in the past, but it doesn't seem to affect me negatively in that regard. For whatever reason, it just makes me laugh.

    I ain't even gonna try to figure that out any further. {-;

  8. For the 2006 Diebold Challenge Recount I count 18 for the Democrats and 17 for the Republicans. No, wait! It's 18 for the Republicans and 17 for the Democrats! Oh, no! Not again!

    Anyone else get a sticker?

  9. What's a NeoCon like? Well, let me tell you (excerpted from today's

    Neocons are like a pack of rabid bats. (Stop the Neocons blog).

    These neocons are like a whole gaggle of boys in plastic bubbles. It must be nice to live so detached from reality. (Post on Whiskey Bar blog).

    Those neocons are like herpes. You can never really get rid of them, and they keep cropping up in unsightly places at inconvenient times. (Post on Something's Got to Break blog).

    etc. come take a look.


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