As I've Said Before . . ,

. . I tend to check even my favorite blogs somewhat infrequently. There're just so many of them!

Whilst catchin' up this morning, I found that
Almost Infamous had posted some not-so-fuzzy words regarding this past week's elections.

Well shared
mon frere!!! And inspirational too. Thusly was I inspired to leave a comment in haiku.

Oh! so do I hope
the afterglow does not fade
as fast as it might


  1. Well, i do not writein Haiku,but I do say hola, amigo!!

  2. Hola, back atchya amiga Maria!


  3. that's some damn fine haiku-ing :)

  4. Thank ya muchly, AIF!

    As well as for the inspiration.

  5. OK, here's my haiku:

    Why would I believe
    in endless Perfection
    reduced to creation?

    Wow, that' INTENSE, man! *LOL*


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