Fox Props Sherrod Brown

Since I have nae been as Politically Active as my blog buddy, Blue Girl, and didn't go to see Sherrod Brown and Mike D debate
in person, these groovy YouTubes must suffice for me to get my politifixes.

Interesting stuff to be sure. Michael J makes just one wee li'l reference to some recent Rethuglishness which had been perpe'd against him. Nice... {-;



  1. thanks for posting him....Grace under fire has a face and a name....if Rush looks up Courage in the Dictionary- he will find a picture of MJF.....oh , silly me- thinking that Rush "reads".....

  2. He is a great cousin was the wardrobe honcho on "Family Ties" and always had good things to say about him. When he found out she had cancer he personally went to see her and wish her well...he took time out for a friend in need...that is what he is like. And this was after the show was off the air. He's definitely good people.

  3. Is funny, I HATED Fox's character as a kid, and thus hated him as well. 'Course, I was totally Hot 4 'is Sister on the show, sooo... LOL! Boy was I but a boy at one time.

    I loved most of his successive work (an' still ne'er really lost those hots for J Bateman. {sighhh})

    Yah, teh guy's got class, and no doubt about it.

  4. nice

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    =Fly to offshore now=

  5. You have to love what you can find on Youtube.

    I hope the voters of Ohio make the best choice next week.


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