Will Bush 41ers End Our Iraq War Early(ier) . . .

. . than Chensfeld or maybe even Kerry?

Naaaahhh. . . K most likely would have us wrapping up the withdrawal by this time. I think so. really. I think we'd be out by now if Kerry's votes would have been allowed. Hell! Or Gore's for starters.

But there's one half down and Rove ain't to go yet. Though nothing would be shocking at this point.

Don't bother guessin' where
the commercial goes. It's essentially nowhere, but made a nice lead-in, for a billboard, and you'll have to watch it before reading.
[From page 2 on Salon] Political observers say Rice's role in establishing the group is telling, saying that it has the look of a deft strategic maneuver around core hard-liners in the administration who had kept a grip on Iraq policy. "If she is acting on her own it is a bureaucratic end run around the Pentagon, a mechanism to allow her to leverage a new policy," noted Douglas Foyle, a political science professor at Wesleyan University.

"It might be the State Department had been shut out [by the Pentagon] for some time, and this was their way of getting back in," noted Christopher Gelpi, a professor of political science at Duke University.

Asked to comment on this article, a State Department spokesman would say only that Rice supported the idea of the Iraq Study Group from early on. "The department and the administration have embraced this effort from the beginning as a way to show and maintain public support for advancing our goals in Iraq," said spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos.

Though she is supporting a rethinking of Iraq strategy now, as national security advisor in the first Bush administration Rice was part of the cheering squad during the run-up to the war.
Of course she knew what she was doing. She wanted the war, but not with the CurRent mis-managment in place.

[snark] But Cheney's mean, not dumb. Maybe he'll survive this next heart attack as well.

Even if Condi is dummied out on Dubya and being his SoS, she's as smart as any of those monkeys still in Bush43, if not the smartest of them. If Cowboy G is gonna ride out these next two years on something, she appears to be an able horse.

She's proud of it, even if she can't call it what it is.

Hat tipped back UTI's way, to DarkSyde's post as to some of the sweet consequences of elections. He links to a different story about Bush appointees in Science "Communications" management trying to manage the Scientists, rather than their job of selling WHY the Science sells itself.


  1. I just don't see the Iraq Study Group as a real thing. If anything, it will be a prop that Bush can use to get out of the Iraq mess when and how he wants. Neocons paid no attention to THE WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD in the leadup to the invasion -- why would they start now? I expect the group will confer with the White House and decide on what they have "discovered" in Iraq, and Bush will declare that he now has new information that is causing him to adjust his strategy, because, you know, he never was "stay the course."

    The pullout should begin in time for the next presidential election.

  2. I go along with Larry. I think it's a totally political move to calm the raging storm against the war. We are all supposed to feel confidence that something is being done in a thoughtful, constructive manner. It's not. They are jerking us around.

  3. Right-on it's a political move, but not entirely, eh. This influx is of folks who withdrew from Iraq, even though they did want Saddam gone in '92. Baker and Wolf are seeing political reality in the votes which apparently mean so little to Chen-sfeld and Rove.

    That doesn't mean he's not still got a cock-eyed view of my country's rights and responsibilities across the globe.

    I too still think '08 is how long we'll be there. Ain't over by a mile, eh.


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