How . . . errr . . . Quaint

Saddam Hussein sentenced to hang


The charges stemmed from the killing of 148 Shi'ite men in Dujail after an assassination attempt against Saddam in 1982.

A death sentence or life imprisonment generates an automatic appeal, delaying any execution by months at least. Saddam has said he wants to face a military firing squad, not the hangman.

Well dang, mang! Sure's a damn good thang we went an' invaded Iraq. We had a moral obligation t' do our part to make that country more humane.


{Sigh} It's not like I didn't know that such was the expected outcome if (when) he was found guilty. It's more that the irony of the a-hole wantin' the much quicker, and face it, to a Military man, more appropriate and - heheh - dignified, Firing Squad really does to be pointin' out just how
ill-conceived this barbaric and wasteful invasion has utterly been.

And it begs teh question: Is the same in store for all of these country's leaders if they are to be gettin' what they want and we invade to "liberate" their peoples too?

Heh! That's ridiculous, of course! None of them, as far as anything that I've read shows, has ever -
allegedly, though quite likely so - put a Hit on the Preznit's pappy, don't ya know.



  1. This is embarassing. When I read that headline, I read Sadam hung and I got a flashback of him in his tighty whities. Oh dear. I must get my meds increased.

  2. w00t! H00t! LOL!

    I likes the way your brain works Mary.

    Thanks for sayin' that, cuz it cuz thru teh heaviness quite nicely, and flashed me back to a scene in Borat, which I just saw last night. HIGHly Rec'd!

  3. For $400B I expect more than just a hangin'. I expect spectacle! I expect Satan himself to appear from the pit to duck-walk Saddam into the fiery depths.



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