The Turned Worm

Here's something else to think about vis-a-vie Rummy's legacy. I liked his ideas for overhauling the military before 9/11 occurred, and think that Afghanistan would have been the perfect proving grounds for them.

C'est la
freakin' vie, eh. . .


  1. The problem with Rumsfeld's restructuring is that it relies too much on technology, and fast, precision strike capability. But, on the one hand, technology hasn't been able to stop suicide bombers (or any adversary earger to die), and on the other hand, it turns out that after a precise first strike, you need a lot of face-to-face brutality to win hearts and minds (translation: to force submission).

    Add to that the neocons' disinterest in diplomacy, and the U.S. is - at minimum - looking pretty innefectual.

  2. I'm sure Rumsfeld's next job will be a "cakewalk."

  3. Yeppers, Larry. Tools are only as effective as the monkeys wielding them, and then only if they're used appropriately. Whether one uses a 10lb sledge to hang a picture, or a jeweler's screwdriver to open a gallon can o' paint, results are likely to be "less than optimal," eh...

    Hey now Steve! The saddest bit is that someone IS likely to hire him; not just "even though" they've seen his resume, but because of it.

    Silly Humans, in-freakin'-deed.

  4. Maybe he can be hired as a prisoner in a foreign jail... that would be because of his resume, in a way...


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