Democracy: One Vote at a Time

November 7, 2006

And the Diebold machine was, believe it or not, quite a pleasant change of pace from past machines. Easy to use. Accurate according to the print out
which I had to print in order to confirm my ballot. And it was really cool because you had to print it one page at a time, so you could actually look at the print-out to see if it accurately reflected how you voted.

The rest is as it has always been; up to the folks running the polling stations and collecting the results from each and all of those.

Now it's time for a french bread pizza and a little tube cruisin' to see what the early returns might indicate.



Oh yeah! Thanks to
Austin Atheist for his post which incidentally pushed me to post my own. It's been another long day on the job, and my neck is groanin', so I was kinda waffling on whether not to do so.


  1. HOORAY!

    Congrats to MA and OH on their governor races.

    Let's celebrate.

  2. Looks like your silly humans used their noggins. Mine on the other hand chose to stick their's up their asses.

    Congrats to my favorite Ohioan.

  3. "Was weird to share the polling place with so many wee ones."

    I was just watching the news and going over what few comments I had over at my blog and decided that your comment made me think of something I wish I had said in my post ealier today.

    I think all polling stations should be placed at elementary schools. Why? In answer to that question I'll chance some rhetorical questions of my own.

    When voting, what else should we be thinking about? Ourselves? Or should we be thinking about all these kids running around who will one day face the consequences of the decisions we make today?

    I admit that I am an egoist, but how can I look after my own self-interests without looking out for the interests of others? That's the side of the coin I see. Maybe all this is coming across as a littly sappy, and maybe the egoist twist at the end will throw some people off. Just food for thought.

  4. Congratulations to the citizens.

  5. I love this song, Frederick! Awesome!

    Hey Now and no worries, Tonya! Ford actually made a strong showing out yonder, and ol' Lamar, whatever his {shudder} prejudices may be, does at least seem to have a decent handle on some of the economic/educational issues facing our world in the evolving global economy.

    I'm not knowing anything 'bout your Governor, off hand, though. Good luck and Lots O' Love your way!

    AA: That was freakin' Beautiful dude! I completely agree and have to say that such ideas are some seriously nutritious thought-food! I always use a variation of your idea when talking to singles, and elderly folk whose kids are grown and gone, about school levies and such. Just cuz one isn't getting benefits targeted specifically and precisely at their immediate needs, does not, by any means, mean they won't share in the rewards of policies which benefit the greater community and its posterity.

    I'm glad you shared that, man. It is true and relevant and well-said!

    RAmen, Sumo!


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