What a Weekend!!



I figured I'd wait 'til after the Browns' "lost" to Michael Vick in Atlanta before doing a post like this. You know, so I could let that event temper my enthusiasm, or somethin'. Alas and Hooray! My Dogs kicked some Falcon arse today!

Well, alright. So the score was a mere 17-13 in favor of C-Town's Brown & Orange. None the, sports fans!
Scoreboard! WARUUUFFF!!! With the equally woeful of record (2 and 6 coming into today's action) Pittsburgh Stihlers coming to Cleveland next weekend, the Clow... er, Browns could look to win back-to-back games for the first time all season. C'mon Dawgs!!!

As for Saturday's festivities,
The Ohio State University took care of business on their run to a 2nd National Championship in the last 4 years. The Buckeyes unloaded on hapless Northwestern with a 54-10 smackdown which should serve notice to that school up north that their #2 BCS ranking is as good as it's gonna get this year.

Not that they aren't deserving of #2. The Wolvewienies did manage to lay a
butt kickin' of their own upon a young and promising Indiana squad whose head coach, in an irrelevant but interesting human interest note, has overcome two - count 'em, two! - brain surgeries during this 2006 campaign. What's up with that, eh?

Of course, I shouldn't be too hard on the state of Michigan. I did have an incredibly good time near to the Detroit shore-line on Friday, but I'll get to
that in just a minute.

Following teh college football, I managed to catch up on some much needed Zs before waking to find the Wine and Gold's game against Paul Pierce's Celtics already into the 2nd half of the 3rd quarter. What I saw made me me wish I might have stayed sleeping for at least a few more hours. The Cavs were losing.

Boston was up by 25 points with just 5 minutes left in the third period, to be precise. If I hadn't managed to catch up on my rest, I'd have most likely turned off the game and hit the sack, even if it was only 8:30 something on Saturday night. For the most part, I've
never been much of a night owl. Anyone who reads here regularly, is likely to have noticed that most of my posts' pub times are before 7am. Even on Sat an' Sunday mornings I like to get up early and catch a nappy (or two) sometime during the day.

Perhaps, with my decades long depression apparently
finally being brought under control, this too may become a thing of the past. I kinda, sorta, at least just little, do be hoping not. There's something deliciously decadent about laying back and Z-ing out during the daylight hours. Naps. Yummy!

But I digress...

Lebron James' Cavaliers are... Wow! Coach Mike Brown has got these guys playing seriously tenacious defense and, with an offensive prodigy of LB's nature on the court, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that they were able to slowly shoot, block, steal and rebound their way back into the lead in this one.

But Wow! is still the best description I can offer of how truly amazing it was to watch them do just that. Final score:
Cavs 94 - Celtics 93


Which brings me back to Friday.

I gotta tell ya (if'n there's
anyone still reading this somewhat drawn out self-indulgence {-;) that it was a fairly grueling week for work leading up to Friday. The previous paranthetical being probably pretty accurate, I'll skip those details and go straight to the point. Bad Boy Bill is a DJ who completely and totally Rocked the House at a club called Bleu Detroit, and damn did I have an Excellent time, dancin' to trance an' progressive house music 'til nearly 3 in the morning.

The crowd this time around, unlike when I hit Toronto with a couple of extra amigos, was much more mature, but still with a great and energetic mixture of young and, umm, folks closer to my age. LOL! Hey! I was never a dancer in my youth (and still need to get a grip when it comes flirting, eh...) but I am totally happy to say that I've been enjoying myself - Finally! - more than at nearly any time in my 41 years of living. I've learned how to integrate celebration with moderation, and that maturation has given me an ability to enjoy myself and my environment, without the nagging, bothersome worries which have never had
anything to do with the reality in which I was being, but which none the less dragged me down to far to be enjoying life.

Life is good folks. I've always had an intellectual understanding that this basic and invigorating truth was real. I'm just very happy to relate that I am finally relaxed and unencumbered enough by the weight of past experiences to actually
enjoy the experience of now.

On that note, here's a taste of what has captured my emotional imagination and given rhythm to my body for the first time since I was a scrawny high school footballer.

Now if the Democrats can just come close to matching the promise and hope which Decision '06 has given to all of us, for the first time in a long time, politically speaking!

Rock the House!


  1. The Browns have been playing well for weeks. I am afraid they are going to beat the Steelers. They are burning up the river!

  2. Ya know... Even though the Steelers really looked great on offense 'gainst the Saints, I do think you might be right, Steve.

    The Brown's D has been one of the best as long as their offense can stay on the field for even a semi-reasonable length of time.

    It's gonna be a great game regardless!!!

  3. I'm a bit ignorant concerning sports, so I'll just say, hope your dream team wins big.

    nothing quite like a half-naked women to make the music sound better, eh??

    I'm dancing anyway, because I'm still celebrating that we took the House and the Senate.
    I'll worry next week about whether that really means a change of the status quo or not!

  4. Thx Glenda! Alas, for this year anyhow, my "dream team" is still nowhere to be found. I'm a Browns' fan first and foremost, but the Cavaliers sure do look to have the best chance of ANY major Cleveland sports' franchise since the '64 Browns to achieve a Championship in their arena. That even includes the '95 and '97 Indians, who both made it to the World Series!

    As far as half-naked women go: (I) still need to get a grip when it comes flirting.. means it's nice for atmosphere to see 'em there, but I know they're at least getting paid for their presence and deportment.

    It's the girls on the dance floor around whom I still freeze inside. Mi amiga agrees that I'm way too worried 'bout "not offending" so I waste energy stifling my natural sexuality. Has always been so, and its for lots of reasons, surely one of which is respectfulness, but the most important of which - or so I'm learning - seems to be my own self-image and fears in that regard.

    Celebrate as long as possible regardless of all that. What an election year it's been!!!

  5. Glenda was copying off my comments paper. Ditto to all that she said!

    I am still cheering for Big Blue Donkey. He needs to kick some more elephant tuckus.

  6. Now that makes me happy too.


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