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Just cuz it made me smile . . . :)

I actually went back to Sunday's strips to find this particular 'toon because Firefox had crashed, thus annihilating the post I'd just spent half an hour putting together. It was on the most recent development the Veterans Administration's bureaucratically "justified" refusal to add the Wiccan pentagram to the grave marker of Bronze Star veteran, Sgt. Patrick Stewart.

Shakespeare's Sister had a post which prompted me to post on this possibility back in July, and now it turns out that his family is going to sue for that honor after all.

And I needed that smile.

Grateful tip of the hat, as is so often the case, to Carol of Atheists-World.


  1. Well, that's good news that the family are not going to drop the issue. The article says that he was the first Wiccan killed in combat. wow! I doubt that! First one in our military who was openly pagan maybe.

    I wonder if the world will ever progress (evolve) to the point where a person doesn't have to be afraid to say what they believe in.

  2. What a sweet cartoon. I like it

    The family is going to win, watch and see.

  3. I'd like to see someone put a F-U Bush signal on the headstone. I hope the family wins and definitely, the toon is sweet. BTW, I tried to comment this morning and blogger went bonko.

  4. I'm glad they're not droppin' it as well, y'all. I'd not be terribly surprised if the Sgt was the only wiccan killed though. How many folks w/ that worldview are there in this iteration of our Military? I kinda doubt it's a lot...

    And Blogger's been whack for me all day as well, PcM. I can't even get to an older post where some Anony commenter from the University of Lodz in Poland just left some strange, singsonginess according to the snippet I got in Gmail. I'm really curious too! lol!

    Hopefully, probably, I'll be able to do so from home.


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