"to enter into a de facto partnership with them"

I figure the 'toon says what we fear, but the article quoted in the title says what has the most chance of resolving U.S. presence - both in the short and long term - in the Gulf of Persia.
[Link] One military official close to the group's discussions said that one option could combine encouraging talks with Iran and Syria with shifting the U.S. military focus away from combat and toward training the Iraqi forces.

But members of the commission have expressed concern that working with Iran and Syria could require America "to enter into a de facto partnership with them," with possible trade-offs, said the official, who requested anonymity because the group's discussions have not been made public.

U.S. leaders, meanwhile, continue to debate how long and how many troops to keep in Iraq.

Regardless of whose agendas are on the line, America and the Middle East have gotta communicate better to get over this shit already. Israel's not gettin' abandoned as a state, and America doesn't pay enough for oil for anyone's good health. After those two apparent intractables, everything else is cultural "tourism".

Until we figure out how to get past them, it's just more war.


  1. too much war is neither good for you, me orhte children we see. The victimas of war are not interchangeable!

  2. Ain't that a hoot? Now Georgie has to turn to Iran and Syria to get him out of this fucking mess? Well now, isn't that ironic? But I'm sure he'll say that's just part of his masterplan to democratize the Middle East, right?

  3. It wouldn't surprise me if the nutball went into iran. Afterall, from his perspective he has everything to gain. The dude can't wait to be raptured.

  4. It just keeps getting better and better with demon spawn of Bush 41!

    First we have 9/11. Iraq, which is NOT Afghanistan, gets invaded. Then we have Vietnam the sequel there which costs the American public way more than any welfare, education and senior programs would have during that time. Then Dum Dum thinks: Iran is worthy of paving too. You know, because they looked at the US funny.

    He's so-o smart.

  5. I think we are trying to unite the Middle East... into one big America-hating terrorist anarchy. Does this mean we wait until Iran and Syria patch up Iraq to start the next war with Iran? Maybe that's part of the trade-off.

  6. would be nice if you kinda remembered that Israel is stuck in the Middle East, and is as far as can be from ever becoming an "America-hating terrorist anarchy".

    Small detail, but quite important.

  7. Israel's not gettin' abandoned as a state,

    That's exactly what I am saying, m'lady. It Will be defended against invasion. It Exists and has the Right to exist.

    Could someone have annihilated the fledgling state back in the '50s, or as a result of the '67 War, the discussion would, of course be much different.

    As it stands, Israel is sovereign and an Ally of the U.S. I don't see that changing, nor would I support such.

    And we've slacked shamefully in our support for Lebanon as well, but its even trickier for the majority of non-religiously-insane folks in that country to admit they'd like Western assistance at this point.

    Go figure, eh...


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