Welcome to the Aftermath!

Excellent and Awesome were the turnout and the results of yesterday's elections! w00t! W00t! W00T! Woo Hoo!!!


Now though, let us keep in mind that the man whom this dude represents is
still the most powerful politician on planet Earth. The Democratic gains will definitely, in my sometimes humble an' generally well researched opinion, restore some integrity to the Balance of Power proscription of the US Constitution.

I'm only sharing the vid as a reminder of just how much that restoration of balance is oh so truly needed.

Happy Day After


  1. Oh, yes! I'm hoping we can wash off the stains and clean up the place a little. Bush can no longer dictate what he wants and when he wants it. Whew, I'm definitely breathing easier.

  2. I could only watch half of it. I need to bask in a little glory this morning. I don't want their evil voices bouncing around in my brain just yet.

    I will leave you with a thought -- not very original, but truly felt...



  3. RAmen, Mary. And may it be so! I'm breathin' a li'l easier today as well, eh.

    Good idea, BG! I just found that this morning (via Blondsense, actually) as I was cruising blogs for happy reactions. I'd heard the story, but that's the first I'd seen of the actual video, and was impressed by how far into the Dark Side of duplicity and blatant disingenousness dude could sink himself.

    On a brighter note, lemme join you with a big Wheeeee!!! of my own!

    Good stuff Girl! Good stuff indeed.

  4. Personally, I just want to watch the door smack Ricky S. in the ass so hard on the way out that he falls flat on his face.

    It was a GREAT night!

  5. Big, big job ahead, though. I saw Tom Delay on MSNBC this morning, saying most of these will be one-term representatives, that the Republicans will take back the gains. So they are already planning. Democrats must do the right thing now, without losing sight of the winning thing.

  6. What an asshole. That was the first time I'd seen it too. I avoid TS because he pisses me off...well...they all do actually. I've been saying on a few blogs why we have to not jump into impeachment right away because of Iraq and the troops being more important at this time. After that video I want them all tied to the mast of a sinking ship. Oopsie...they are already strapped down and sinking. That was dancing around a subject like I've not seen in a long time. Cheney is such a tard!

  7. Oy that man is such a tool!


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