Apropos of Everything

I've not been to visit Vonnegut's site in a while now, but I just needed something to take the taste outta mind from the last two linkages.


Is a great li'l site. Stylistically I feel quite akin to the ol' man, and his wisdom, for the most part, I readily understand.

Happy Sunday Yo.

I went a head changed the spelling from "appropot". That's always been one of those words for me. I'm really not sure why that is. Probably cuz I remember strugglin' to understand in what way it means something different from appropriate.



  1. Haaa! Good one. I like that kind of thinking - totally detached and floating about running into strage objects.

  2. I love Mr. Vonnegut. I wish I could have him over for dinner! Wouldn't it be great to sit and talk with him?

    I go to that site a lot cuz you linked to it awhile back. I love it.

    Happy Sunday back, MB!

  3. LOL Mary. But, ummm, hhmmmm... D'ya think, maybe you upped those meds you mentioned just a wee bit too much? Regardless remember, it's fun to share! :D

    Thanks and I'm glad to hear you frequent his site BG. That's so cool!

    Yah, I think Kurt always was a "different" looking kind o' guy, but even at his age, he is still quite firmly amongst The Beautiful People and 'twould awesome to sit 'round the table, smokin' an' drinkin' an' thinkin' an' laughin' with him.


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