Black And White

I just saw the greatest thing on ESPN's Sports Center!

In a highlight from the USF -v- Florida Atlantic game, a player ran down on punt coverage and, after the whistle blew the play dead, he *POPPED* a return team blocker on his arse! The flag was thrown. 15 yards for Unnecessary Roughness (and/or Unsportsmanlike Conduct. I couldn't tell which.)

Switch to the sideline after the play where the Coach grabs and lifts the coverage guy off the ground by the front of jersey and yells in his face in reprimand, only to immediately follow that with a hug and pats on the helmet, with some obvious words of support.

Kick his ass then help him up. Dust him off. Tell him, "You effed up, Big Time, but I'm still proud of you. You can get it right the next time."

THAT is what I love about college athletics. THAT is a man who knows the fundamental, basic, elemental human fact that life is both Black AND White. NOT either Or.

Okay. Just had to share that, eh.


* Don't recall precisely where I found that pic, but know it's a volcano in the northwest of North America and is from about this time last year. I think it symbolized just how true it is that dangerous and/or destructive elements can have great power towards giving new life an opportunity to thrive. And it's definitely not black or white. It's both and too many shades of gray to count.


  1. Like so many other coaches i know, I am a big fan of Coach K at Duke. He's always so supportive of his players and tries to act like a teacher...but you know what? Watch him carefully and you will see him get in his guys faces all the time. One example from last year- a kid messed up and Coach K said (i read his lips) What the F**K was that? No body notices that though, because he is going to reassure the player after its over.

    A dude like Bobby Knight gets wins, but people only know about the army boss side of him.

    You are right, that is what it is all about.

  2. Bob Knight came to mind, for sure, but in the negative, I guess "of course". Coach K, oth, doesn't go to the extremes of BK, and therefor doesn't get the deserved ridicule that the "army boss" does.

    Extremes, and I do believe this thoroughly, have their place. I don't believe "spanking" is a good parenting technique, but I would smack a kid to scare 'em away from yankin' the electric cord outta the wall. Then wrap 'em up to reassure 'em that it was only cuz the zap they would've got would've hurt them far worse and Tell Them/Show Them that I love 'em too much to let that happen.

    I'd rather they be a little mad at and/or scared of me than to lose them altogether.

    I don't think Knight - or Way Too Many other people from either side of the debate - get that distinction. Seems to me, as you say, that guys like Coach K do.

  3. Almost 9:30pm, MB and we're losing! I can't watch. Had to take a break.

    C'mon Trot!! What was that!!????

    Is that one announcer getting on your nerves as much as he's getting on mine??

  4. :-/

    And Jake was so freakin' On for the first 4 and 1/3 innings... arrhg...

    {sigh} lol!

    No worries, BG! Like every other Tribe fan, I was hoping for a sweep, but I only half-seriously thought they'd get one. No matter what happened last night, they weren't gonna start the ALCS 'til Thursday (Friday?) anyway, so this just means they'll have at least one more game o' practice before takin' on teh Beaners o' Boston!

    Go Tribe!!!


    (And, yeah, announcers of Skanks games always get on my nerves! Talk about "front runners"! Sheesh!)

  5. He was on for the first 5 and 1/3 innings. (Just read the recap. {sigh})

  6. That one announcer -- did you hear him when the Yankees scored their first run?


    Oh my God. Shut up. They scored one run, for the love of Pete.

    You know me and how much I love NYC. But, I am totally aggravated with them today. Yeah!!!! I am!!!!!!

    You don't think they've got a chance tonight? My mom's worried about our pitcher tonight. Says he's not all that great....

  7. {shudder} lol! Yeah, that's Harry Caray's kid, "Chip". That's really the only thing I ALWAYS prefer about having local announcers. Even if they say something like that, it doesn't sound like they're EXPECTING the Yanks to clobber everyone they play.

    But I DO think the Tribe's got a great chance tonight. Byrd might get blasted outta the park before the 4th inning, but he might also give us 7 strong. I think it's even more important that our bats get it together tonight.

    Wang was off cuz he was too strong when we clubbed 'em 9 in the first game. Tonight, HOPEfully, he'll be just a bit too tired.

    We'll see but I predicted Indians in 4 (w/ that half-serious, "in 3" being just that.) Byrd does definitely give us a fighting chance.

  8. Ok then, I'm going with you instead of Mom Blue. Hee-hee.

    Are you as tired as me of those Frank TV commercials? Boy, they sure are promotin' that sucker! And it doesn't start till Nov 20! I usually can't remember anything, but since I've seen those commercials 9 million times straight -- who could forget!

    Um. Me probably.


  9. -- who could forget!

    Um. Me probably.

    heheheh... You wish!


    Actually though, I like Frank's act. I've never seen him live, but've caught him on TV shows and the radio quite a bit. Some of 'em he definitely does better than others, of course. I think my fave is his Jack Nicholson, or maybe Slick Willie, cuz he looks so much like him already.

    None the, I'm totally doubting that I'll catch even one episode of the show once it airs.

    Nov 20!? I hate when they do that so far ahead o' time! I'd not even noticed that 'til you pointed it out.


    Go Tribe!!!

  10. Dig it. I'm glad to finally get a chance to use it.

  11. Can't say I "love" college athletics, because to me it looks like a sanctioned way of expressing our desire to pound the daylights out of each other and/or develop the skills necessary to bully people for the rest of their lives. And despite the fake urgency of the action and false importance attached to the outcome, it would be difficult to name any other comparably large human activity that carries less real meaning. I think those jocks need to make way for real students, get out in the working world and do something useful.

    Not sour grapes disclaimer: I lettered in two high-school sports, neither of which (track and cross country) involved pummeling anyone senseless. I had a great time, and learned sportsmanship, perseverance and self-discipline. I admit it's not the same as big-time collegE or pro sports, but I hope it establishes me as NOT a jealous, cranky old wuss.

  12. People are inherently violent, Larry. Like greed or compassion, that's not in itself anything until it's acted upon.

    You're, of course, absolutely right about the Bullying. I love college athletics, but despise the inept, money-grubbin' fiends who man so many HS and College athletic programs. I know I was lucky, but I saw far less of that in the athletic programs 'round which I grew up than I did outside of them. There were always the Hard Coaches who believed that the Only Point of sportsmanship on the field, was an understanding of Justice and Fairness off the field. Bullies grow up without learning.

    Of course, so does every other kind creep and manipulator. For me though, understanding what to do with those Violent Urges I grew up with, other than taking it out in street fighting, was what made me salvageable at the end of my teens, where I traded sports for drugs, and even today, when depression and physical inertia have threatened my life more terminally than any bully ever did, no matter how close I thought I was to dyin' back when a wee one gettin' pummeled into unconsciousness.

    Football was there for me when I'd beaten some other kid unconscious and started actually starting fights for no reason at all. I hated myself and learning how to turn my rage into controlled violence helped get me back to the pacifist boy I'd started out as. Getting back to it, as I've only started doing lately, is actually, just like the PC Libruls have always claimed, helping me build my self-respect back up to a level where I can either work towards my dreams or more fully develop my silly ol' domesticated self and love my time alive, however I actually manage to live it.

    Pros and Cons, amigo. It's, as always and with everything, as much how its done as what results from it.

    Man! I wish I could head over your way for a couple brews to actually talk 'bout this stuff in person. West Coast/North Coast though, ya know.

    Alright, I'm off for sand-Volleyball match #1 of the fall season. If I've slopped any of the preceding, it's cuz I'm running late but wanted to comment right now. (Impatient? Me!? {-; ) At least it's 80 degrees right now. Next time it's supposed to be 55!

  13. You were right, MB! Tribe in 4. And Byrd did a great job.


    You going to any of the games?

  14. WAHOOOOOO!!! :)))

    I'll go if I get the chance, that's for sure. The suite came up at raffle twice, but the first time they pulled it right away. Guess some Big Wigs decided they actually needed it for business. For Game 2, they only gave 'way 2 tickets.

    Fingers Crossed! lol!

    Go Tribe!!!


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