Oh! Me of Little Faith!

I've mentioned (often?) before how I am simply not a night person. Last night, e'en tho' 'twas the Saturday Night just a day before my 42nd b-day, I still let myself nod off and called it a night once teh Tribe fell down 3 to 1 in the 3rd inning. Little did I know that Cleveland would come Right Fecking Back to take the lead in the 4th.


D'oh! No. No. No. {-; Y'all may not believe it, but I really went to bed feelin' pretty confident that the Tribe would make a game of it, if nothing else. They've done it all season long. But even then I wouldn't say I was all that confidant 'bout their chances last night in Bean Town.

So imagine my pleasure this morning when I opened teh iGoogle and found... Well, this one line says all that's needed.
The seven runs for Cleveland (in the 11th inning!) were the most by a team in one extra inning in postseason history.
The ALCS moves back to C-Town, tied up, 1 an' 1.

What use could ya have for faith when you've got the reality of the down an' dirty grinders that are the 2007 Cleveland Indians suitin' up everyday?

My boy, Jack Westbrook, takes the hill 'gainst Daisuke Matsuzaka on Monday Night. I don't see the Indians changin' their game plan for anybody, so you can be sure I won't either. Though I do hope I can manage to stay up just a little bit later this time...




  1. Hi MB!

    The last time I looked at the clock it was 12:30am and I shut my eyes and that was that.

    I can't believe I missed a *7 run 11th inning win* --!!!

    7 runs!!

    We better rest up cuz this week's gonna be killer if we plan to watch all three games! Are you gonna go to any?

  2. Rest up is right! Wow! lol!

    Alas, since the group that bought my company is HQ'd in Boston, I'm thinkin' there ain't gonna be no seats in the suite for us rank-n-filers.


    Hope, though. I'll have it 'til it's over.


  3. Oh my God, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, MB! You are one cool dude -- so glad I met you. Hope you have a great, great day, even if you'll always be one year younger than me, ya little whippersnapper!

    Ok. I won't totally hold it against you....


  4. heheh... Thanks a lot, BG!!!

    I'm sure you'll always look like the cute little sister that I've never had.


    Go Browns! Go TRIBE!!!


    42, eh? Ah.... when I was your age, young man, things were so very different. Uphill, both ways and all.

    That was 2.5 years ago, but (still ;-)

  6. Happy B'Day Big Chief. Let me know how 42 is. I will be joining you, God willing (is it ok if i say that here?) in June!

    he he


  7. Nava, the wisdom of your years in advance of my own doth fill my heart with ... Ahhh, I kiddin', though you do frequently supply me with welcome reminders to simplify and that I'm Only Human.

    Thanks kiddo!!! {-;-p

    Hmmm, Steve. Ya can only say that if you follow it with ..and the creek don't rise. And I'm pert sure he won't (heheh) and it won't. Least not too much, eh. ;-}

    Thx bro!

  8. Happy Birthday and don't sleep another away.

  9. I just noticed something. It's nothing, really. Just one of those things where, you know, people will think I didn't know dude's real name, even though JAKE Westbrook really has been my favorite Indians pitcher since they got him in a trade from the Skanks back in, 01? 99? Of that I'm not all that sure.

    None the... JAKE pitched Great tonight! 7 2/3s before givin' way to Jensen Lewis.

    Ermmm.. Sorry Larry. It's just that I just caught that I mis-typed dude's name. What the..?

    Thanks! But I did sleep away yesterday too. Tonight was sand volleyball. Scraped knees. Battered ego (we didn't win 1 lousy game outta 8!) LOTS of fun. And, tomorrow's post (woulda been todays but for that danged work expecting me to pay 'tention to it) will feature a pic o' my birthday present to m'self.

  10. Maestro? Band please.


    Happy birdy two ewes,
    Happy birdy two ewes,
    Happy birdy, MichaelBayyyyy-aynzz,
    Happy birdy, two ewes!

    And many, many more. ;o)

  11. Gotta love "The Mayor" of Cleveland!!!!!!!

    Did you see him shake his finger at Manny?

    "Nuh-uh, sonny boy, you just stay on that base now."


  12. Thank you muchly Ms Wren! 'Twas a wonderfully felt, and much appreciated rendition. :))

    w00t w00t w00HOO!!!

    I didnae see the Mayor, though, BG. Was on that sand-court, don't ya know, 'til 'round 9:30 when did we lose our last match to a team of 4 folks. 2 guys. 2 girls. Thing of that is, it's a 6 player per team League. {sigh} We me be teh suck, but we do laugh a lot. That counts for somethin' in the long run, eh.

    When I got home I did manage to not fall asleep 'til just before the 3rd out of the 9th. True! Last thing I vaguely remember is Jo-Bo gettin' the 2nd out! Guess I'm feelin' confidant in this Tribe's chances, eh?

    lol! ;-}

  13. anyone giving it to the 'Sox is a friend of mine...

  14. I watched said game in DC with Sox fans.

    And let me tell you -- after how fucking long Chuckles and I had to sit there -- those Sox fans got what they deserve.

    Happy Birthday, BTW!

    I now have three birthdays to post this week!

  15. I can see the Boston fans are outnumbered here...

  16. Here's hopin' the give it to 'em again tonight, in the rain, Fred!

    LOL!!! Glad to hear it, AG. {-; Glad you my Tribe is able to give ya a little satisfaction after routed yer Yanks.

    What do ya think 'bout Teh Boss retiring? Big Surprise, though not Totally unexpected, eh?

  17. Gots to Hate teh Enemy. That's all, Kevin. I was glad when they won their Rings back in '05. This year its Cleveland's turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Was it '05, MB? Or '04? I thought it was three years ago, but I could be wrong.


    Sorry, Kevin!!

    (Give us back Manny and we'll stop torturing you....)


    We wil.

    I swear.

  19. Who cares, BG? It wasn't Us! ;)))

    Which, of course, just means that I don't rightly recall. You're probably right. I know the Chi-Sox won one of those years, and the Cardinals won it last year. Ain't gonna be no Rockies winnin' it on their first try this year, either!

    And I second BG's offer, Kevin! Man Ram rulz! lol!

  20. Michael,
    I am behind on my blog reading.
    Happy Birthday!

  21. Hey, no worries and Thanks A Lot Ed!

    I'm gonna try an' get m'self caught up on yer Cruise, this morning. Haven't been reading much at all from work lately, and that's where I usually catch up on yer hijinks. {-;

  22. I support any team that cleans the parking lot with Sox but!

    Go Tribe!

    Beat Colorado.


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