Too True, eh Mr. Jones?

And since athletics makes so much money for the schools, they won't be needin' all that socialist government interference either.


  1. I see Bush has also deiced to bring Hawaii closer to southern California, and - while at it - has move Alaska south of Arizona.
    Ahhh, that is so cool of him!!! Now we can go to Alaska in the winter to get some sun. See, and you say he's no good!?!

  2. Bush is such an idiot.

    I want him impeached before he creates anymore messes.

    He's made a mockery of the Presidency.

  3. If you're aiming this at me, I agree. But if the government wants to take funding away from education due to the amount of money schools are making from sports, I have a suggestion: Let the teams fight to the death. This will make for a much more compelling entertainment spectacle, and ticket prices can rise accordingly. And despite high prices, if players are encouraged to literally kill each other, there will never again be an empty seat in a college stadium. Think of the added revenue! Plus, "school pride" will finally have real meaning, and when a coach threatens to "annihilate" the opposing team this coming Saturday, you'll know he means it.

  4. Hey! That'll make it hard for 'em to run out of Scholarships as well!

    Sad thing is, there REALLY is a market for that kind of thing. People have shown, over and over throughout the ages, that they Will pay to watch other people brutally destroy one another.

    Honestly, I think that's the only thing (alright, and ignoramic gullibility) that can explain Teh $hrub even coming close to actually winning either election.


  5. I hope that the thousands of dollars I'm paying back for my student loans all goes to the poor athletes.

  6. Skip Back

    It'd be kinda cool to vacation in Hawaii AND Alaska on the same weekend, eh Nava. {-;


    Ain't gonna happen
    Though it should've already
    Dems, too, are corrupt


    THAT's the Spirit, Nvi!

  7. and speaking of sports being important... my condolences on your team. :-(
    I've been there. It's a heartbreaker. Much easier now that I don't live in the same town with them. I can ignore it until it's playoffs.

  8. Thx Blueberry. Yah, the hardest part might be that everybody has to talk about how they lost, so it seems to drag on interminably...


    Next Year!!!



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