"I Hear His Birkenstocks Clacking"

Oh man! Yikes!! LOL!!!

A little o' this chick goes a looong long way. Adorable Girlfriend found a 'Tube o' Sarah Silverman that's just the right length to make me laugh out loud without lasting long enough for me to get too uncomfortable with her crazy-assed and irreverent approach to comedy.

(Warning: F-bombs and Christ Killings Imminent. Enjoy or Skip It!)


  1. so crude and so funny and so sexy. sorta like a kiss/slap attraction.

  2. she is funny in a hateful sort of way that makes you feel like you maybe shouldn't be laughing. it makes you feel like looking around before you laugh just to make sure your laughing isn't gonna hurt someone's feelings. it feels just off by a little but then again right on.

  3. Yeah! You both know exactly what I mean.

    {shakin'head} Gotta add the "Silly Humans" tag to this post, eh. Not sure how I left that one off it...

  4. I watched part of 'The Sarah Silverman Show' on TV the other day. She is, well, very different, insanely provocative and as in-your-face as can be. I loved it!

    One correction, though - Jesus probably did not wear Birkenstocks. Why would he buy import, when he's got wore the locally-made Naot or Teva, eh?

  5. While watchin' The Daily Show, I saw that tonight she's goin' to, umm, find out for herself what something, umm, tastes like.

    {shudder} lol!

    Girl's got cajones, that's for sure.

  6. Oh yes, I saw the preview of that, hmm, gourmet episode. Cajones is an understatement!

    She was also creepy on her guest appearance on "Monk" a while ago. I feel obliged to start watching her show.

    What amazes me is that she's got a pair of such sad eyes, which adds to that whole kiss/slap thing.

  7. I liked this clip too, MB. I haven't seen too much of her, but what I've seen I've always found very funny.

  8. Wish I could stay up late enough to watch her, at least occasionally, but I don't even watch teh Southpark any more. Those early mornin' hours are just too yummy for me, I guess.

    Whatever it is she does, BG, she definitely does it well! lol! I don't really like mean comedy, but she somehow pulls it off.

    Meh! Is prolly just cuz she's cute, eh...


  9. No *meh* there! I even think she's cute!

    And she can definitely pull off mean and crass comedy. Again, at least from what I've seen/heard.

    I need to stay up to watch. When allergy season is over and I'm not whacked out on drugs, I'll plan to.

  10. ;-}

    I sure hope that's soon for you, BG.


  11. I have one word for y'all: TiVo.

  12. Strangely enough, I don't find her funny in anyway.

    She made fun of rape victims and Holocaust survivors in Jesus is Magic. I take issue with that!

  13. That's one o' the things I've always appreciated 'bout you, Adorable One; we've both got kinda, sorta, just little bit, maybe, thin skin when it comes to certain subjects.

    I do get the humor. I guess, for whatever reason, it just cuts a little too close to home for me to find some of it funny personally.

    As I'll frequently be heard (read) to say, IWoT.


  14. I didn't realize that was her in that episode of Monk! We've yet to see her show or movie.

    I can't say that I find her to be that funny, but it's not the subject matter. I think it's just my weird sense of humor. I must have a funny funny bone.

  15. I must have a funny funny bone.

    lol! Hmmm... Yeah, those can be kinda tricky, eh. {-;

  16. Very good. You (and Sarah) might really appreciate this little piece of Jesus-comedy.

    Modern Day Jesus

  17. All they drank was water... D'oh! Dude's got built-in Rufi-bility.


    Thanks for the link Gary!


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