If Wishes Were Fishes...

... the aquarium in my head would be less crowded than it was in the past.

Which is to say, there a far fewer things needin' expunging up in there then there have been. Hey, I'm taken progress where I can, eh.



  1. Not just men. And not only in youth. Eh.

    Good for you!

  2. I have a T-shirt that says "You only go out of your mind when you run out of room". I've been wearing it lately. Regretable actions do take up lots of room. I've learned from mistakes. I'm not sure I really needed to learn some things.

  3. If wishes were fishes Bossy would be eating fried cod.

  4. Sadly so, Nava. Thanks, though, eh.


    ...not sure I really needed to learn some things.

    Boy-OH do I hear ya on that one, Blueberry! {sigh}

    Hmmm... How 'bout batter-dipped and baked, Bossy? That's tonight's din din sans any din o' co-habitators.




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