Let's Try This Again, and Again, and Again..

.. until the Congress finally understands they need to take their jobs Seriously.

This links to a page where you write directly to your Congress Critter, courtesy of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.
(I have updated this form letter to personalize it with ALL CAPS)

As your constituent, I want to express my strong support for the Senate version of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (HR 1585). I am HORRIFIED by the way the president’s cronies are bilking the taxpayers out of our hard-earned money and not delivering on their contractual obligations.

We have seen how CORRUPT This Administration has been at managing the reconstruction in Iraq and how corrupt the contractors have been with their high-dollar, no-bid contracts. It is bad enough that this is happening in Iraq, where the hopes of winning look bleak. But that it is happening in Afghanistan, too, a country where we have a chance to succeed in our efforts to stem the tide of terrorism is just too much for me to accept.

So as the House and Senate meet in conference committee to finalize the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act, it is essential that the Senate version of SIGAR be included. The Senate version will give the Special Inspector General the comprehensive authority needed to ensure that all of our contractors in Afghanistan are held accountable, not just Department of Defense contractors.

We must show the people of Afghanistan and THE WORLD and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that we are committed to reconstruction. Otherwise, we will continue to give the people of Afghanistan and Muslims around the world reasons to join the fight against us. We cannot win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world. PERIOD NOR SHOULD WE TRY TO DO THAT. We must give them a reason to see us as a beacon of hope, SO THAT THEY MIGHT DECIDE ON THEIR OWN WHICH SYSTEM IS A BETTER ONE.

Please support the Senate version of SIGAR.


  1. Did it. I used your version. - love to ya.

  2. Getting through to our elected officials is like beating a dead horse.

  3. Thanks luv. Glad to be of service. ;-}

    Only, at least you can eat the horse, Agi.


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