much sensation in your mouth

Heh. Bet that caught your eye.


It's nearly unbelievable but appears to be the case that Japan's bloggers are even more prolific than Americans, Brits and Aussies combigned! Who'd've thunk it?
From the WaPo:

...In the past three years, Japanese has been running ahead of or about even with English as the dominant language of blogging, according to Technorati. About 130 million people understand Japanese, while about 1.1 billion understand English.

Those numbers startle no one more than the Japanese. For even as they use personal computers, Web-enabled mobile telephones and a ubiquitous high-speed Internet network to blog anytime and anywhere, they keep awfully quiet about it.

Consider, for example, the remarkably harmonious blog that Junko Kenetsuna has been writing five times a week for the past three years about her midday meal.

With understated precision, she calls her blog "I had my lunch."

In a recent dispatch from a Vietnamese restaurant in Tokyo, Kenetsuna wrote: "The soup has a distinctive chicken flavor and the bitterness of pear, which gives you much sensation in your mouth."

[Pick it up slackers! ;-)]


  1. Wow, I should blog about my lunch:

    Monday: Subway
    Tuesday: peanut butter and apple
    Wednesday: Subway again
    Thursday: peanut butter and apple
    Today: peanut butter. Forgot my apple.

    Mutliply that by 16 weeks.

  2. It's all my fault. I have been taking time to do other things (work, sleep, play), instead of non-stop blogging. We must turn this around right now. After all, do we really want to live in a world where most bloggers speak Japanese? After all the work our parents did to fight back the threat of us having to speak Russian during the cold war, now we're going to fail our children who ... wait, I think the kids all want to learn Chinese anyhow, that's where the real power is going to be coming along.

    Never mind ;)

  3. Don't these people have a life apart from blogging!

  4. a lunch blog... at least you would rarely be stuck for something to say.

  5. Subway, eh Scarlet? I don't like the way they changed their Hot Steak and cheese. Used to be slices of meat, but now, unless they've changed back, it's cubes. What gives?!

    You betchya Chinese, most likely Mandarin, is the voice of the future, La.

    LOL, Larry! Well, I'm sure if it only takes a minute, it ain't really interrupting anything though. If I were a better cell-phone-typist I might even try some m'self.

    Hey Michael. I thought that too, and perhaps I could blog something similar though, hmmm, later in the same process.

    "After one and a half cups, I lift the lid and sit on the seat. Is slow coming, but then there is much sensation in my ... "

    Hmmm... Yah. Maybe not, eh...


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