Ho Ho huh uh Oh... Um Good Luck With That...

So I see the War on Christmas is in full bloom.

Isn't that special...

Honestly, this topic - unhealthy spending - is one of the reasons I always try to look at things from other folks' POV. I HATE the Credit life, and yet I live it all maxed out. Have for a number of years now and still haven't figured out how to maintain a handle on it. One minute I'm catching up, the next I seem in over my head again. It's emotional. Logic be - against my stated desires and concrete knowledge - damned.

Kinda like with relationships... BUT, it IS getting easier for me. Simple it has always been, but Easy? LMAO! Ahh well, in some parts of my life I don't take enough risks. In others I've taken too many.

On two counts right now, I'm thinkin' I'm takin' just the right balance. Feels kinda nice, eh.

Spend wisely and keep those brains and bodies engaged and they can all - for the most part and barring catastrophe - be

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. another example of why i believe people are their own worst enemies, and not government or big business.

  2. Oh, indubitably amigo. Is why Teh Gov't is s'posed to HELP PEOPLE FIRST. Bidness don't care (it can't. no enmity for that fact from me.) and people, whilst they generally do care, most frequently care too much cuz'n they just don't Know how to detach and figure It out rationally.

    Freakin' Life is whack, but wonderful none-the.

  3. But Michael, the real question is... are you baking in this year's Bake-Off? It's ok if you by ingredients on credit. :)

  4. What’s it all About?

    With Thanksgiving fading in the dust of yesterdays and Christmas looming large on the horizon, many of us are caught up in the hassle … er hustle and bustle of trying to make the season “meaningful” for our families and ourselves. But what does that really mean? Meaningful how? The most toys? The biggest present under the tree? The most expensive gift? The ring? Setting the date? The lavish spread around the table?

    On a purely corporeal level all of these expectations/hopes/wishes and dreams are all valid and they all have meaning. So why does this time of year make so many off us crazy, crabby and miserable? What happened to the meaning we wanted to provide? Probably left in a shopping bag someplace along with the receipt.

    Speaking for myself I find that my pathology of perfection and having everyone I care about behave according to a secret script that only I am aware of is my own personal recipe for holiday disappointment. It seems that vendors, media and my own nostalgic longing for a simpler time have given rise to an unrealistic expectation that has no basis in reality.

    I realize none of the above even touches on the spirit of the season but rather, what the season has come to mean for a large majority. Even an attempt at defining that spirit runs the risk of alienating everyone who doesn’t see things the way I do (which is almost everyone). Spirit and religion are intimately joined and far be it from me to dissuade anyone from their beliefs and values in that arena.

    So what am I talking about?

    Live and let live
    God bless us one and all
    Grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change

    All I can change is myself. I can drop my expectations. I can consciously choose how to spend my time and my money. I can ignore the commercials that tell me I have to do this thing and buy that gift in order to attain the “perfect” holiday. I can ignore it all and hide but that’s not really living. So here I am, back where I started watching it go ‘round again. What’s a human to do?

    Well this year I choose to look for my holiday spirit in the things that enrich my existence on this mudball we call earth. No matter how insignificant, silly or incomprehensible it may be in the eyes of others. I’m purposely not sharing what those things are because each of us, like it or not, is an individual, responsible for finding the spirit of our own life. If I can hold onto just a tincture of that magic I believe I’ll have a holiday worth remembering.

    I hope the peace and joy of the season follow you throughout the new year!

  5. >I HATE the Credit life, and yet I live it all maxed out.

    So you're part of the club too? Welcome!

  6. That's a cheery post! Welcome back!!

  7. This is why you will never find Christmas at my house so to speak. You will never find a tree, presents, wreaths, garland, etc. Christmas is so much more than tinsel and ribbons, yet our society has taken its true meaning and twisted it with greed and selfishness to conform it to what it is today. Where can we get the best deals? Right at home...that is where the love is. Christmas is not about giving because you are suppose to give...it is about loving because you care - plain and simple - nothing more, nothing less. At Christmas time, I write letters...not even on fancy paper :) I have come to discover those letters mean more than any gift or token I could ever purchase. A couple of years ago, my brother was killed in an accident. At his funeral, his wife made a scrap book of the things he treasured most...my Christmas letter to him was on the first page. Don't fall into the Christmas trap...all you have to do is care for and love those people in your lives...and most importantly, tell them...hug them...enjoy being with them...smiling, laughing...just be thankful they are there. Merry Christmas!

  8. Ahhh.. Teh Third Annual Holiday, Yeah, We Said Holiday, Bill O'Reilly, What Are You Gonna do About It? Bake-off! Alas, I learned during last year's preparations that such competition as exists in this particularly cool and kickin' part o' teh interwebs is far and above my own humble capacity as a "box mix baker".

    I'd rather be one of the Judges!!! Especially with entries likes yours from last year! That Bill O' was fantastic!

    I'll def to be following the proceedings though.

    Powerful stuff, JK. Thanks for adding it all on here. Those are good words to keep with me through the year. I do hope you find this season well and happily, mon ami. Gimme a call sometime, eh!

    This Club's gettin' Way Too Crowded, eh Agi... {shakin'head} Hang in there amigo. How about a New Year's Resolution or somethin'? LOL! Yeah! Like those have any effect!

    lol! I'm gonna just take that "cheery post" bit as a compliment, Nava. ;-} Thanks. I am definitely feelin' like I'm back an' up to speed again.

    Don't fall into the Christmas trap...all you have to do is care for and love those people in your lives...and most importantly, tell them...hug them...enjoy being with them...smiling, laughing...just be thankful they are there.

    That's a perfectly Beautiful and oh so relevant reminder, Lady C!

    You know, I know it's sorta soon, but I'm kinda hopin' I might get one of those letters this Xmas. :%) You've already got me smilin' away and far. :))) Happy .. Merry Christmas!!!

  9. You will get one this Christmas as well :)

    Lady C


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