Simpler Way

If this last year has taught me one thing, it's that I feel so much better about my whole life when I get out of my head, out of my apartment, out of my boring habits and enjoy new experiences.

Heh... Old news, maybe. But I guess it's just one of those things I always knew but've never really known.

This song is a relevant oldie, updated at the end to reflect .. what? Growth? Yah. Growth.

Oh, I had a date. She's an incredibly cool person. It went well. Even if I did spill too many beans {rollin'eyes} and my mind did start racing ahead. Think I'll cut myself some slack and just enjoy this feeling.

Just sayin'... :-}

Don't know
when it happened first
I think maybe
in your arms
I can't say for sure

Always hits me
when I'm lookin' down
I can't see
where I am
then all of a sudden
there I am

builds inside my heart
forget it
that won't work
it keeps comin' around

Love potion
that would make it work
forget it
because that won't work
I wish it was
I wish it was that easy

There's got to be a Simpler Way
There's gotta be a Simpler Way
There's got to be a Simpler Way
There's gotta be a Simpler Way

I'm hangin' in
I'm stayin' behind
I'm thinking too much but
I'm doin' fine...

Just maybe
I can slow this down
behave myself
and stay around
a sense of calm
sensing you beside me

How often
don't think ever once
I'm sure I've been here
once or twice
and right now
I think I might take it easy

It's got to be a Simpler Way

This has to got to be that Simpler Way

And I'm hangin' in
I'm takin' it slow
I'm doin' alright
I'm feelin' fine.

Picture from two winters back. It's snowing out and it kinda feels like it fits. That's all.



  1. "Even if I did spill too many beans {rollin'eyes}"

    I don't think that's a negative thing, Michael. It's always refreshing to meet someone who does not try to pretend and play games. If she really is cool, she'd appreciate it.

    Just sayin'...

  2. Just sayin'...

    lol! You rock, Nava. {-;

    Hmmm... Well, since she called me about two hours ago and we just got off the phone a couple minutes ago, I'm thinkin' she really is cool. I'm just going to enjoy the pain in my cheeks from smiling. It's really nice to feel those muscles working so hard again, eh.

  3. Variety or a change of scenery is the spice of life. I always feel better if I do something out of step of my routine.
    This is the word verification-thing on this comment: jokyjzw... it is like reading tea-leaves!

  4. Bossy loves spilling beans. Oh wait, she means 'drinks'.

  5. Is that a jokie, Ed? err.. ne'ermind. {-;

    Yours or OP's, Bossy?


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