When Success Equals Failure

Complements of the Great Oxymoron himself, George W Bush.

U.S. Strategy Succeeds in Bali


BALI, Indonesia, Dec. 13 -- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon conceded Wednesday that the United States had succeeded in achieving one of its key objectives at the climate conference here, blocking a proposal that called on industrialized nations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 40 percent by 2020.

Having jettisoned the idea of incorporating specific emissions targets in the framework that will guide international climate talks over the next two years, participants were hoping to find other ways to make meaningful progress here in the two-week-long meeting of nearly 190 nations.

[We can't win for .. umm.. winning?]

As Al Gore said during the same conference, "My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali," and as long as the Democrats continue to complain that they "don't have the votes" there won't be any changing of that situation. Even if such perversely hegemonic events such as the invasion of Iraq weren't reason enough to utilize the full extent of the Constitutional Law and remove this insane despot from office, protecting the population of our planet from the irreversible damage currently being done to it in the name of U.S. Corporate Profits would make the Dems find a way.

Oh... Unless they intend to enjoy the benefits of such and pass the blame entirely to Bush the Destroyer.

Somehow I don't think they really care what the consequences of that choice are...


  1. I've always argued against the dropouts and the Naderites when they have said there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, so we might as well vote for a third party candidate, or no one at all. But it seems the Dems are trying to prove me wrong.

  2. I really feel the same way, Larry. Honestly I want to have "faith" in the Dems - my Party - and on the balance I do believe that most of them are more philosophically similar to me. It's just that the Power Needs of Politics require them to reach out to feckers who DON'T share an egalitarian and responsible (self-controlled) philosophy.

    Social Darwinism; it's not just a Republican (or ARIan) ideal.

    Everybody seems to feel like we need Control over others.


    Happy Holidays bro!

  3. Just another day in the Twilight Zone!


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