As If We Didn't Know...

Thing of it is is, no matter how we treat our planet, Nature itself is gonna go through her paces without any regard what-so-ever to our survival needs.
-----Challenge for policymakers-----

Carbon dioxide emissions from fires pose a significant challenge as policymakers focus on limiting greenhouse gases because of concerns over climate change. Some jurisdictions, such as California, have not yet decided whether to include wildfire emissions when setting targets to reduce greenhouse gases.

The impacts of fires on climate change are complex and difficult to predict. Long after a fire sweeps through an area, new vegetation over the course of several decades to a century may absorb as much carbon dioxide as was released during the blaze. But fires are likely to become more frequent and widespread as temperatures warm around much of the globe, which means that more carbon dioxide may be released into the atmosphere. The fires could complicate government efforts to rely on forests to help absorb carbon dioxide.
Seems to me, we need to be a little more careful, eh. Nature is incapable of consideration. We, presumably, are not.


  1. For the past several years, instead of scrawling "wash me" on dirty cars I write "fuck bush" instead.

  2. Hey Agi, I'm such a wuss. I prefer "Buck Fush".

    MG, Alas is so... Hopefully not exactly doomed, per se, but still quite thoroughly, umm, bucked.

  3. Look on the bright side... this planet will be better off after we make ourselves nearly extinct through human-caused climate change or maybe nuclear war. Too bad we will take all those other species with us into the toilet. Aaaack.

  4. Well Rush Limbaugh said it was all the fault of Mt. Pinatubo, so we've got nothing to feel guilty about.

    PS one more Castellofabrizio story coming up...

  5. AdorableGirlfriendNovember 15, 2007 11:44 PM

    Comandante wins!

    What is teh teh doing over here? Teh teh!!!!

  6. Why d'you think I been polishing my Zombie Fighting skillz, Blueberry?

    Castellofabrizio? Is that like, a carpet freshening comedian?

    Teh just stops by to keep me from killing myself, AG. Ain't no thing.


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