It would so easy
to just go there
to just lie down there
to just be there

Oh! It would be so easy
to just embrace it
to just ignore it
to just linger in the absence

And it would be so easy

to fly all the way
to fly any way

to fly so far away

Now, it isn't easy
but I am here
we are here

they will always be here
where we all are

until we're not

So I'll just, I guess, do what I have to do
Maybe sometimes, one can hope, it'll actually make some kind of sense...

Sorry I've been so scarce lately. And absent from y'all's blogs as well. Let's just blame it on autumn, eh. Autumn and the loneliness of finding one thing just to lose another.

Good news is that I'm still sans daily dosing, AND that I scored some Brown's tics for yesterday's OT win over my long-time 2nd favorite team; the Seattle Seahawks. Browns 33, Seahawks 30. Got to treat my youngest bro to his first game at the new digs, too. AWESOME on almost all counts.

Anyhow, I'll most likely get back up to speed. Both viewin' and doin'. There's been a Lot of Politics to be disgusted about, but, while I've thought of much to say/write/do about it, I've mostly just been working hard, long days and coming home to vegetate. Oh... nevermind.

Take care and have a blast (figuratively, but of course) in the mean time.



  1. "Oh! It would be so easy
    . . .
    to just linger in the absence"

    It would be easy, and it's pretty much unavoidable, as it's part of the healing process, but I hope you do not linger in the absence for too long.

    I know, I know, it sounds like a psychological BS, and yet - it's not. Eh?

  2. There's been a Lot of Politics to be disgusted about

    Yes indeed. Don't worry, there will plenty more where that came from. In a couple weeks time after you've recharged your batteries you can get back to being disgusted lol.

  3. i know you are extremely busy when i come to your blog and i actually have posted a few times to your one. i have become such a lazy blogger.

    i stopped watching & reading the news a while back so now it's just you and john stewart that i rely on.

  4. Eh, yeah, Nava. I know it. I know it... Lingering is really only good when there's nothing important, such as an unsure life, ahead. Seems like it's most attractive when there is though. None the, work's a lot of, well, um, work right now. But it's only ever somewhat satisfying, eh. I don't even know if I'm "workin' on that" right now. I'm just bummed 'bout too much o' the same ol' same ol'. blech...

    Oh, I'm Sure of it, Agi. Yeah, hopefully I am rechargin'. Whatever else I'm doing. L8!

    Wow! Ain't much better'n gettin' mentioned in the same breath with J Stew! er, in the same comment anyhow. Thanks Tonya! :) BTW, I've really enjoyed A Lot of your recent photo work. And I ain't just talkin' 'bout those w/ Lacy. (Though, for sure, eh. ;-} )


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