ego distended vainglory
emptied of all but life's shade
...gladly let go by the way

sadly informed
...of madness in grey
and spectral colors

...lonely for all
and slept in
...unatoned, bereft

seduced by others'
...realities long lost
vacant and unadorned

...simplicity answers
mocking the know and smug

lest somehow
......everything falls into place

and I breathe again
...still yet to sample
the silence of forever


  1. Mike - I beg your indulgence and ask forgivenes, but I hereby tag you with Crazy Eights

  2. that's a big wow. love the words against your choice of photos. it just works.

    that chicken lady was funny but around here she'd be common cause she's just like people i'm around all time.

  3. Jeeez, Stew! And you wonder why I'm wound so tight!


    I'll make an Honest attempt. Not makin' any promises though, eh. Hmmm... I'll give it at least the Cliff Notes version!

    Thanks Tonya. Wrote that right before getting some good news that might've lifted my mood too soon for it to grow.

    And, yeah she was funny, but she was REAL too! That's why I think she an' ol' Bradshaw hit it off so well. Crazy eh.. 8-P

  4. That's some existential stuff you got going there, MB.

    Speaking of tags, you're it!

  5. Sheesh... Two tags and I ain't touched either one yet.

    Ain't forgot. Just draggin' 'em, eh.


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