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  1. That was fun - thank you!

  2. That is so weird that the first selections had Seal Clubbing in the title! That was a post topic I did today. The harvest has begun, despite global warming diminishing seal populations.

    The player works! cool!

  3. OK.... when I read the seal clubbing track title, I was thinking of the singer Seal going from one night club to another (which is also clubbing, Eh?).

    In my defense, I think this music is too cheery to be about your blogpost, Blueberry.

  4. LOL, nava I thought the same thing about seal.

  5. Great minds think alike, Patricia :-)

    So - which is it?

    and where have you disappeared, dear Ape

  6. I started to respond to the original "Seal" deal, but thought my choice of links might be interpreted as in "poor taste".

    Sometimes my S.O.H. is less, ummm, mature than at others... :-)

    The only thing I Don't like about the player is that you seem to need to pick an artist, then it loads a whole slew of their songs, but you can't pick & choose which to use. Like by checking/unchecking a box.

    Just been monkeyin' around with a new iPod Shuffle, Nava. That and, hmmm, bein' me. 41 years and I'm still workin' that kinks out, eh.

  7. These electronics are too much for me. I'm just better off not having them.

  8. Wow, that's very cool. Good driving music. Hm.

    I have to admit, the seal clubbing thing just sort of got away from me as well...too many possibilities.

  9. Nothing since April 1st? What happened to Michael?


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