There are so many things which might touch me, if I'd let them. At times I'm glad I'm too lost in my own navel (or whatevs) to be open to them.

Still and so; here's to those who have no more tomorrows, no more todays, only memories of their lives as ingrained in the brains of the ones they've left behind.

We'll all be left behind and we'll all leave. No matter how confusing, difficult or incomprehensible our time in this space, here's to making the memories more beautiful for our part in them.



  1. Nice quote and very true indeed! ; )


  2. Geez, the only tranquil post I've seen anywhere re this entire ugly mess. No fingerpointing and psycho babble, neither. Well said.

  3. A Beautiful Life. Thank you. Much appreciated.

  4. Thanks dudes y dudette.

    Been playin' the hell outta the tune lately, and figure the offering is about as sensible as anything anyone has said 'bout the tragedy this week.

    Silly, deadly humans can we be . .

    Thanks again for always comin' 'round & makin' me feel better.

  5. Sad.
    Truly sad waste of so many lives.

  6. Adorable GirlfriendApril 18, 2007 6:25 PM

    Hey Kevin, that's unfair! AG posted about cute puppy blogs and Butchie getting a freakiest blogger award.

    AG resents that!

  7. Thats a fantastic quote.

  8. I don't there such a thing as purity? Sure...animals!

  9. Yah, purity's a concept I have a big problem with in the biological sense. Mostly cuz, in homo especially, it's just so damned intertwined with consciousness.

  10. Adorable GirlfriendApril 19, 2007 11:33 AM

    :) :)

  11. Fantastic post. bloody good blog.

  12. Thanks lots and welkommen, Dave.

    I've only had a brief look, but I totally dig the way you title your posts. Relevant and poetic. I often aim for both as well, though yours seem more consistently spot-on. Very cool. I'll read on.


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