One Round, Two Scores!!

Not only did my home-town Browns finally - FINALLY - get it right with a first-round draft pick, they somehow managed to do it Twice!!

For the first time the Dawg's front office boys drafted a stud offensive lineman, Wisconsin's Joe Thomas, a Left Tackle; the most important position on the O-line. This is the spot I've been hoping they'd address since big, bad Lomas Brown turned out to be a big bust back in '99. With the free-agent signing of former Bengals' Guard Eric Steinbach - an excellent run blocker and pass protector in his own right - my hope that the Brown's would draft Thomas over Brady Quinn had deflated to next to nil. But they did it and man am I glad!

Don't get me wrong, Brady's a great story and I wouldn't have been all that disappointed if the team had gone that route. It's simply that they NEED to get that O-Line up to snuff with the rest of the league, otherwise it wouldn't matter if they freakin' Joe Montana in his prime, they'd still barely be able to aspire to mediocrity and Joe would've seen his awesome potential wasted and some of the greatest football ever played would never have been.

They did the Right Thing. Finally!

And then . . .

At #22 in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Ohio's own, Notre Dame Quarterback Brady Quinn!


Cleveland traded with the Dallas Cowboys for the 22nd overall pick. Everyone agrees that the Brown's paid a lot for the right to a 2nd first-round pick - this years second and next years first round picks - but as Brown's GM, Phil Savage, just pointed out to ESPN's Suzy Kolbert that the team may have decided next year that they still need a franchise quarterback and he's not sure that there would be a better one than Quinn available when Cleveland goes to pick, which is exactly what I had just told my brother right before Savage came on to be interviewed.

Dig it Dawg-pounders, this WILL be seen as the turning point for Cleveland football fans.


lol! But I am Lovin' It!

And - hey now! - it's a little after 5 o'clock, and just about time for the Cavaliers to try and take game three of their NBA playoff series 'gainst the Washington Wizards. With the first two games in the win column for the James Gang, grabbin' one from the Wiz on the road should all but guaranty a trip to round two.

Go Browns!!! Come On Cavs!!!


  1. "Come On Cavs"? Pluuuueaaaassse!

    I find it supremely ironic that after living in 3 of the worst basketball cities in the nation (Minneapolis, D.C., and Sodom by the Sea), I now find that perenially dismal team, the Warriors, kicking Texan ass. But what the hell. Go Warriors!


    Thats for you, man

  3. Um, MB? You're not excited, are you?

    Who's Brady Quinn?

    Just kidding!


  4. I'd love to see a Cavs -v- Warriors showdown, Kvatch! After the Sonics, G-State has always been my favorite team from the West.

    Yo Hipster, as I said on your site, Quinn might actually have a chance to be what Couch never could because he had no offensive line! It'll take awhile, but in the NFL that ain't necessarily very long at all, eh.

    BG, I am Pumped! But I only posted the Brady pic to try and get cute chicks here when they're Googlin' for images of teh Q.


  5. I have to say, he is pretty cute. Too bad I could be his, um, hmmm, older sister.


    MB, I posted a little something for you.

  6. Adorable GirlfriendApril 30, 2007 9:16 AM

    Congrats! AG knows very very little about football. And more too bad: AG is trying to keep it that way. AG has enough of a time keeping UC from watching baseball 24/7. Trust me, he tapes it, he buys DVDs, he goes to games, he watches ESPN. It's a mad, mad AG world!

  7. Not been to a Tribe game yet this yet, AG. I'll probably make a couple though. Usually I make it to see the Bean-eaters too. ;-} Hope so this year, cuz it'll def be a great match-up regardless of who's pitching.

  8. Oh yah, Thanks, Blue Girl!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Bossy can't talk about this because her team - the Eagles - drafter a Quarterback. A Quarterback. Sure because they need that about as much as they need a Quarterback.

  10. Congrats, MB. That was a great move by the Browns. Instead of having to wait another year to draft a QB, they got a great one now and a franchise LT to boot. The new NFL conduct policy should sideline half of the Bengals this year, and I think the Browns could convince Ben Rothlisberger to not wear a helmet again in the offseason, leaving the AFC North a 2-team race.

  11. The last I knew Bossy, your Eagles had a damned good back-up On Top Of one of the best starting QBs in the game. Garcia was big-time responsible for how well they played in the playoffs last. That makes that pick doubly a head-scratcher...

    Good ol' Ben! lol! Got a feelin' he won't be makin' that kinda decision again any time soon, eh.

    Still, 2-team race... I DO like the sound of That! Only thing is, duh Blackbirds went an' picked my Buckeye Boy as their 5th rounder. With him tutoring under Air McNair, I'm thinking they'll be set at QB for the next decade as well. Should make for a mighty tough 2 teams, eh.

  12. Yeah, I think the Ravens will be pretty tough next season. Getting rid of Jamal Lewis and getting Willis McGehee was a big move, and the guard they picked (can't remember his name) was a good pick. But the Browns at least look back on track. I'd like to see them get good again -- they always reminded me of the Bears in the Kosar/Kevin Mack days.


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