Bereft and Bereaved, That's Me

(James' Walcott) on McCain's IED quip and suggestion that Murtha "get a life":

" a longtime student of comedy, I would note that it's only when a joke flops that we're told we need to "lighten up." When a joke is truly funny, the laughter it receives justifies it 99% of the time..."

read more of Walcott on teh Vanity Fair | digg story

Ed's Update: Well, uh, hmmm... So now I guess now I know something 'bout using digg. The above quote, in case you didn't click on the "read more | digg story" links is by James Wolcott. I did the digg, and then clicked "blog", but wasn't aware that it would post to Silly Humans since my PC slowed down and needed a rebooting. I never got the standard Blogger email saying I'd posted on here, so - honestly James & V-Fair, I'd have clarified whose quote that is and a little context for it.

Fun stuff...

I hope y'all managed to figure it out and clicked over to read the rest of the
Walcott piece. He starts post out with his take on Rosie O's leaving The View, something I wouldn't have given much thought to as I never watch that program, but dude can make just about any topic interesting, IMO.

Live and learn, eh...


  1. His idea of injecting humor where it doesn't belong, and "lightening up" is demonstrated by his little Bomb Iran Beach Boys parody. If his presidential campaign is based on success in Iraq, I think his days as a candidate will be numbered, and not followed by a victory there either.

  2. Yeah, I sure think so too. Guess it just shows that, if you're gonna spend a lot of time in a spot-light, you better have a real, sincere message. The way McCain's been going lately, I don't think there's any way to tell what he really believes.

    Really I just loved the general observation. It struck me as quite true, regardless of the particular circumstances.

    Crazy eh.. :)

  3. Kudos to you... we haven't been able to figure out that whole digg thing... as far as McCain goes.. he believes whatever he's told to believe.. or else...


  4. Thanks, Ethyl! T'was a wee bit embarrassing, that.

    Wish McCain could see what an embarrassment he is to his state and country. 'Seems all he sees anymore is $$$. Typical...

  5. RE Wolcot. That boy *does* have a way with words, doesn't he?

    Love him.

    ...I don't get the "digg" thing either. Everyone has all these new bells and whistles and I have no idea what any of them are or what they do. The Internets are passin' me by!


  6. The fact that McCain can't see why that's not funny says everything you need to know about him.

  7. I see it this way, BG: If The Blue Girl in a Red State doesn't do it, it simply is NOT (necessarily) a "thing to do".

    xxx :)


    Now that I do Dig (1 g), Brando. The IED crack could at best be seen as ironic, black humor. I just don't see as Mc can make that distinction.


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